It Was Just A Year Ago When HOT TODDY KILLED HER! Headlines Just Last Christmas – KELLI LAWSON aka Lunacy Lucy of the FIRE STARTING CULT–Known as the PILL POPPER and BED HOPPER found DEAD

By Lisa Wexler

Original CalPatty Press article all the way from the bottom of the Crooked River!

The Original article…

KELLI LAWSON aka Lunacy Lucy of the FIRE STARTING CULT–Known as the PILL POPPER and BED HOPPER found DEAD!

….was pulled quicker than a Hot Toddy Roddy from the internet! You could normally ask me a million questions as to why one of the highest rated CalPatty articles in the history of the CalPatty Press was ripped off the screen never to be seen or heard from again … and I would never tell you, but that was before the Flagship of the Secret Seven was sunk last August the 11th!

Were the SECRET SEVEN of Central West Virginia pressured to remove the article that told the truth about Kelli being killed?

Fuck yeah!

Could it have been by the TWO-FACED Two-Lane Ain’t living long like this girl that became a turncoat during the 15-day WAR for FREE SPEECH last summer in Crooked County?

Todd Smith became a living Nightmare for Calhoun Chronicle Reporter Lisa Minney, Victoria Shaver, Kelli Lawson, Stephanie Lawson and an entire cast of others - that include the MAYOR of Grantsville - that had to live in fear for their safety and the safety of others!

Could it have been Lisa Minney hanging around with the Crooks down by the Crooked River that got the article pulled faster than Stinky Walrus Weeny in the Glenville City District?

Good guess!

We don’t succumb to pressure, but the article was yanked and yanked right now buddy because of blah blah blah blah blah from Lisa Hayes Minney!

And Lisa says she never called shots in and for the SS?  Right!!

The CalPatty Press brings you the real truth in graphic detail and we pride ourselves on doing accurate reporting using the Secret Shit ways we have learned to obtain data, and important facts, with accurate and revealing photo’s included in our rather unique way of bringing you that, “Real truth!”


Rape or MURDER in Calhoun County, it’s all the same thing, whether by the Fire Starting Cult or the Chief of Police , it  is all made easy for you!

Nobody is safe when the police are Crooked!

Calhoun County Chief Deputy Bandy, Ron Gordon Grantsville Police Chief, C Shane Dellinger Calhoun Cop and Braxton County Bad Boy, State Trooper Sgt CJ ELLYSON the man that can make any evidence disappear along with GUNS MONEY and DRUGS! But, especially DRUGS!!

Instead of Running with the Pack anybody with any sense would have run from the Firestarting Cult at their very first chance for surely the Cult will lead to a bad end!

Sgt Campbell was the man that assisted Sgt CJ Ellyson with the crime!  All  of these law enforcement officers are crooked as hell and the SS warned everyone far, far in advance…and it ALL was TRUE everything reported and everything that was stated in articles all turned out to be true even though it sounded so fantastic at the time it all was reported!

Kelli and Hot Toddy became an item and Kelli joined the CULT and both were active in the early days of corrupt police, arson, sex, mystery fires, drugs and illicit relationships with direct ties to the Po Po in Calhoun County! It was a time of dope dope dope and sex sex sex and the cops and the crooks all partied together in those days, mostly for the reason of all of the hotties that were members of the Fire Starting Cult!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson became smitten with no kitten during the summer of 2006 when she first was seen dating Christopher Todd Smith currently being held in jail on multiple felony charges!


The FAMOUS LETTERS FROM CRJ written recently by Todd Smith aka Hot Toddy describes sexual relations with lil sis Lil Steph. Smith revealed that Lil Steph was jealous of the girl that Smith was having sex with the night Kelli Lawson was found dead in Smith's bed in Lewis County! Lulu on the left--LiL Steph in the middle and the girl that puts the HI in O HI O on the right enjoying the New Year of 2010 at the home of the Fire Starting Cult Leader Christopher Todd Smith exactly one week after the death of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson

Photo’s of Kelli Lawson(in the yanked article) were more than revealing, especially since some of them contained light nudity and risque up close photo shots. I can not reveal to you how we obtained the photo’s for the “Yanked” CalPatty Press exclusive story, but certainly most agree the subject matter included in that article– the SS  knows better than anyone else, for we were there when Christopher Todd Smith got together with Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson over  four years ago.

The CalPatty Press was  there to see all the drugs and the booze and the pills and the close associations with several law enforcement officers. The CalPatty Press, being very young and bold made some accurate and rather truthful predictions back then, and one of those predictions would be that Kelli Lawson wasn’t, “Living long like this!”  For, we knew all too well the goings and comings and comings and goings of Hot Toddy aka Todd Smith.

Calhoun County Cocaine parties were popular back in 2006–Coke straight from FLA!

The exclusive “Yanked,” CalPatty Press article was replaced with this article:

On the 13th day of 2010 Vicki Shaver tells the CalPatty Press her daughter was murdered!

A statement made by Calhoun County worker Vicki Butcher Shaver reveals that her daughter was murdered by a hot shot of  narcotics!

Vicki, who is distraught over the loss of her daughter even expressed the matter by the action of written record and the CalPatty Press was given the exclusive right to use it by a member of the press in good standing:

“I’m the mommy that held her close when she took her first breath…and fed her from my breast. That watched her blow her first bubble, tie her first shoe lace, do her first cartwheel, and get the first “kelli hallmark” she made!!! so many firsts…I’m also the mommy that tried to help her fight the demons…over and over!

Victoria Butcher Shaver--Mother of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson creates a poem especially for the CalPatty Press and makes a vow to make Smith pay the price for what she says is MURDER!!

…and I’m the mommy that knew in her heart that this evil person by the name of Todd Smith was slowly helping kill her while he smirked at me. I’m also the mommy that knows the night she died he gave her enough to put her to sleep…then put more of his drugs in her system and sat and waited until she took her last breath…..until he was sure they couldn’t bring her back. Then he called for help. Todd already had another woman he had been seeing, and he was done with Kelli but she knew way too much on him to set her free….so he done away with her in a way he believed NO ONE would question…he was mistaken…..and I will not stop until I prove this…one way or another he will pay..”

Vicki says ” ..and I will not stop until I prove this…one way or another he will pay..”

Vicki Shaver has never been a huge supporter of the CalPatty Press in the past, especially since we were the ones reporting on the dangers of the “Fire Starting Cult,” of which her daughter was an active member –  but now she wants it known that her daughter Kelli Nicole, her precious baby… was MURDERED!

Murdered is not accidental death!! Murder is murder and an all too familiar subject in this part of West Virginia!

Kelli ask for our help during the summer of 09, but we thought it was a trick and denied her. Now a decision has been made to expose Todd Smith for the criminal that he is and to see that he is caught for his crimes and taken from our streets or he will most assuredly kill again!

Todd has set up shop in Lewis County in Weston!

He rents a house off of a low life child molester and thief Jerry Burhammer on 5th street in Weston.  It’s not hard to miss the yellow house with all the garbage outside. The contents of the house include all of the junk he was selling at his front business on second street (I suspect there is more stored at that house.)

Photo of Kelli Lawson and Hot Toddy aka TODD SMITH taken during happier times in the volatile relationship of Kelli and Hot Toddy leader of the Fire Starting Cult! The Cult are thought to be responsible for 70% of the mystery fires of 2007! Many of those deemed Arson, but NO ONE was ever held accountable!

The house was condemned by the city for awhile and Mr. Smith has been told to clean up the house but of course has refused.  He drives there late at night with a utility trailer attached to that Chevy Avalanche of his, to do all of his drug dealing and such and with the permission and by agreement of Shelly Morris Demarino, the Calhoun County Prosecutor.

Hot(Hot Shot Giver)Toddy also rents his current residence from another winner, Meth addict/ producer, Stu Goodwin –owner of Answered Prayer Collusion Center (paint shop great location to hide the fumes of Meth production) on W2nd street in Weston.  Todd spends a lot of time with him at his body shop as well. The body shop keeps some strange hours at times too!

Mr Christopher Todd  Smith also spends a lot of time on the Brown Avenue area of Weston, same area Eric Metz-family relation to Sheriff Metz lives.  Seems as though Eric and Todd have the same type of ability to stay out of Jail. Hey Micky you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey Micky, but…uh not your family member dude, he is straight on CULT!

The corruption in Lewis County runs deep!  Yes, Weston was able to get rid of one bad cop. He was really good about looking the other way when credible info on hard drugs coming and going into the city was presented, perfect for Hot Toddy,    The rest of the Weston PD seem like  good people, I believe that and actually trust them.

Lets trust them enough to get a little pay back. I really hate it when people ask for our help and we say no. We are never saying no again god damn it! We can at least do that much for Kelli!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson 1981 to 2009

Murdered by HOT SHOT! Murdered by HOT  TODDY!



    The Secret Seven Coalition BAD COPS of 2006-2007 Cops on the list!

    RON GORDON–Grantsville Police Chief, wanted for rape by the SS!

    Sgt C J Ellyson–State Trooper
    Sgt Campbell–State Trooper
    Shane Dellinger–Grantsville Police officer and Bad boy deputy from Braxton!
    Chief Deputy Bandy(charged with theft and burglary)
    Doug Starcher–State Trooper-Twice accused of perjury, but Gerry Hough did not bring charges forward and let Starcher off of the indictment for perjury if he lost the evidence against Chief Deputy Bandy and daughter to the former Calhoun County Sheriff, now Glenville City Cop.
    WEXLER on Bad Cops!

    CalPatty Press: How about the many complaints about State Trooper Starcher the most hated of all law enforcement officers?

    Lisa Wexler: “Now I understand that Trooper Starcher ONCE AGAIN stands accused of perjury and wrongdoing.”

    Calpatty Press: You seem to have a problem with Gerry Hough, exactly why is that?

    Wexler: “Hough is dishonest first of all, he has no problem with presenting false facts and information to a Grand Jury and has no problem lying to juries in circuit court cases! I could go on and on about Hough, but since I know he is being investigated for wrongdoing, I promised I would shut up about him, but I just can’t! Basically he’s a fake and not very bright for a lawyer”

    “ANYTIME Gerry Hough appears as Special Prosecutor, then the fix is in… as we have seen that situation time and time again. For all Hough is– is just another Crook from Crooked County, having come to the rescue one of his own. If it’s a bad cop he is to prosecute, then that bad cop will have all of his troubles washed away and soon you will just hear no more of it! Hough accomplished that criminal task not just once but TWICE in regards to Starcher and is going to pull the same crap with Deputy Bandy just wait and see!”
    “It would appear to a reasonable person that just about anywhere in Central West Virginia, all it takes is an allegation from some person with a personal grudge and any normal person like YOU or ME could find themselves tangled in a wicked web of evil spun by the Spin Meister’s of corruption.”

    CalPatty Press: What is it that disturbs you the most about the Central West Virginia political structure and law enforcement ?

    Lisa Wexler: “The buddy system and ‘home cooked’ law enforcement and political structure!”

    ” By that I mean it’s who you know in this town, and surrounding area’s, if your a prominent person with a high profile position you could practically commit murder and get away with it, and for all we know, that has already happened!”

    ” A good example of what I am talking about is when Tim Butchers’ (Glenville city attorney) son got pulled over for DUI-then failed the field sobriety test! He didn’t go to jail or court or nothing! That’s some real bullshit!”

    “It seems that the tide has changed and improved greatly when it comes to the issues of bad police officers and bad police work! People believe it now…there have been so many infractions, that it is almost unbelievable and has brought national attention to central West Virginia!”

    “Maybe there is hope now”

    Finally there was hope and the hope spread to the hundreds of citizens in West Virginia that have written to us with their own experiences of corruption and criminal activity
    by the many public officials in Central West Virginia.

    The SS brought an end to SIX BAD COPS before the summer of 07 was out, and then the court orders started to hit, specifically from Judge Facemire, he was going to be god damned if anyone told the truth about him– an attempt was made to shut down certain websites and the situation certainly met with some casualties. The Crooked County Crooks website good for 1000 hits a day on journalscape was sunk in 2006! Blown out of the water after Kenny the owner was deluged with court orders and letters from attorneys–and that is when the SS hired some expensive attorneys of their own, and started to fight back.

    The CCC “Crooked County Crooks” website which cast light on official misconduct in Gilmer County for several months in 06 and 07 was knocked off the web twice, by threats, letters, and intimidation from public officials, lawyers, judges and crooks. Kenny Smith owner/operator of Journalscape, explained to CCC editor Lisa Wexler and the rest of the crew that, ” I just can’t take it anymore!” So the site was just gone! The CCC website took another damaging hit and lost all their bandwidth by early fall of 2007 on another server and did recover from the wounds until the end of 08.

    Intimidation’s and threats did the “CCC” in during the second attempt at flying the flag of freedom. During most of the earlier CCC “Pirate raids of truth,” John Manis Richards was sitting in jail getting broken reports about people he was told would be joining him soon.

    Around this same time John Manis Richards found himself wanted by the Law and had to hide out, but it was not long before and ambush was set up by the daughter of the
    Gilmer County Sheriff was partying with one of Johnny’s good girl friends.

    Many feel Johnny was jailed immediately, because of the” Lone Meth Ranger” website and he was told to his face to shut-it-down! Then they slapped the cuffs on him!

    The site remained up, but no more entries. Johnny was gone, but not forgotten, and it turned out the dope and the cops were rotten-just like he said all along!

    Johnny’s outspoken and down to earth approach was a threat to the local “Powers That Be” and they weren’t gonna stand for that anymore!

    But, Johnny had his say and he was right! Damn, they must have hated that, when that happened!

    (Posted in Celebration of the Release of the LONE METH RANGER!! JR is finally home ending a long fight with the CROOKS from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River-Look high up on the Catoosa for your friend Kemo Sabe Mr Team Ranger leader and member of the CWV SS!)

  2. The LETTERS from CRJ and the Specific threatening letter from TODD SMITH was shown to special friend and relative of the commander of the SS for Central West Virginia who is staying in Tanner for Christmas.

    The letter revealed as evidence on Christmas Eve morning was dated November 4th 2010 and was sent from the rapist and murderer Christopher Todd Smith from Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods, West Virginia and included a Charleston stamp and post mark.

    The latest SS intell demonstrates to investigators that SMITH, the leader of the Fire Starting Cult, has found a spy for the Cult and has recruited a person with SS ties that says she is now engaged to Christopher Todd Smith while he is in CRJ!

    This mystery woman also has connections to several court cases now being labeled as CROOKED COUNTY CREATED CRIMES and her name was brought up in the latest federal investigation into misconduct by public officials and the Federal Grand Jury Investigation of MURDER by the leader of the infamous Fire Starting Cult CHRISTOPHER TODD SMITH aka HOT TODDY!

  3. Happy Holidays and best wishes to the SS and CCC! Although the Free Press (a fine venue) seems to get the credit, it is your members that expose little known facts about the governing process in our towns which includes law enforcement, the election process and on up the tree. I wonder if Gilmer County will truly remember how they were suckered this election when the next one comes around. Although there was some “change” voted on a state and federal level it was still the same old group in the local election. Put the party aside, there is no loyalty and no true evaluation of the people they are asked to put in office. Why? Because their “friends at the court house” told them to vote blindly and without question once again. It would be OK. You know they will take care of you. Because if the people in charge put a lot of lies wrapped up in just a grain of truth they will believe it. Not because it’s true but because it is easier than believing you made a mistake or investigating the facts. Your efforts have given me a reason to believe that things can change. Thank you.

    Editors note: The GFP is the best thing to happen to Gilmer County since the first week of the CalPatty Press! Thanks for the nice comment. Also,” …and on up the tree” is something Lizzie Butcher would know a lot about by looking at the pictures!

  4. A Fire started in a silo containing Wood Pellets, at Lignetic in Gilmer County Industrial Park could very well be ARSON as it has now been found out! The Cult are experts at Arson for insurance, since the Cult leader has been successful at collecting money from fires he started.

    It all happened a little after 5pm almost a year ago January 30th with no injuries reported in that incident. It appears at a first glance that the silo was not damaged in the fire, although all the pellets were deemed unusable from water and smoke damage. The cause of the fire was not determined last January, but new evidence points to a CULT connection and possible ARSON. The Gilmer County representative of the Secret Seven Coalition and member of the Consolidated Citizens Corp of Elkins West Virginia did not rule out a possible Fire Starting Cult connection when they sent their report to federal authorities with accusations made against local Power Elite and insurance fraud.

    The Fire Starting Cult have been spotlighted in the news for their unlawful trafficking in drugs and the untimely death of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson longtime love interest of Cult leader Christopher Todd Smith. Kelli Lawson died one year and two days ago, last December the 26th during the early hours of the morning, although Kelli’s death was reported to the mainstream press as being the 27th of December. Smith and Lawson, both Cult members, were linked to JD Nicholson the former Grantsville Police Chief and a possible illegal pain pill transaction, along with close associations of other questionable drug dealings with law enforcement officers like C Shane Dellinger and Ron Gordon the rapist Police Chief of Granstville.

  5. I know who that girl is that was with Todd Smith the night Kelli Lawson died! I know Todd was messing with that girl and had sex with her while Kelli was passed out in the bedroom and I know Todd was feeding Kelli drugs because he did the same thing to me and I was only in the 10th grade at the time and didn’t get home until after 7am on a Sunday morning! I was messed up for years after that! You have no idea what an animal this creep is! I just wish people knew the truth about things!

    Editors note: Tabitha Clem, that little glasses wearing skinny pill popper from down the road a piece, is the girl I believe you are speaking of that was a havin sex in the kitchen with Todd while Kelli was about ready to puke on her own vomit in the other room and half dressed. Got the story from some people that were close by Christmas night back a year ago in Lewis County

  6. Tabitha Clem was definitely having sex with Hot Toddy rapist, arsonist, murderer the same night that Kelli had been at Smiths house having sex and celebrating Christmas for just her and Todd, then Kelli passed out from all the drugs and Smith invited Tabby over for some cat like fun! But, the fun ended in the death of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson. Death due to overdose of drugs just a few hours into to December 26th, so it was definitely the private Christmas with Christopher Todd Smith that killed Kelli. Merry Christmas from Todd Smith, here is your dead, raped, and slightly battered daughter to enjoy for the holidays — was the message sent to Victoria Butcher Shaver a county worker and mother of Kelli Lawson just the day after Christmas last year!

    Hey Todd, I think she would have rather just gotten a card from you!

  7. Jean Butcher and Karen Elkin were parked at the courthouse today on New Years day. Are they learning family traditions laid down by Lame Smith and BM long time Crooks from Crooked County? It was reported to the SS that the Blinds were closed to the front office area of the County Clerk, so that no person could witness the dastardly deeds going on with Jean Butcher and Karen Elkin on New Years day at the courthouse when not even the janitor is on duty. How much election material will disappear and how many recordings will be changed and later deemed missing by Gerry Hough?

    Hopefully a mistake will be made again and the lid will pop off the corruption pot for all to see the evil and the need for greed brewing right along side illicit acts of deceit and theft! The Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River are fueled by the forces of evil!

    We told you all this was going to happen. Next time we hope to have the photo’s of the event to document the wrongdoing!

    1. If Karen “SNORT” Elkins claims to have seen wrong doing in the court house for 30 years, why is she only trying to do something about it in the last few years? Was she just going along for with it for the first 25 years or so, or did she just come out from under the fog of coke she usually is under? She claims she has seen wrong doing by Lane Smith, what was she doing running around with him putting up campaign signs? On your knees there too Snort?

      Editors note: She has some wrongdoing to share in regard to the biggest criminal on the hill daily Gerald B Hough the man that has the daughter that pulls the panties to the side for the local frat house that got popped, and oh yeah she got popped, bopped, bent over, and passed around like a joint there! “Pull em to the side Carly!”

  8. Here is some information to educate everyone to the fact that TABITHA CLEM 23 of Weston (who was present the night Kelli Lawson died of a drug overdose in the home of Christopher Todd Smith) became involved with some heavy weight Meth dealers and has had to serve some federal prison time after becoming involved in the manufacture of Meth!

    Clem was having SEX with SMITH that night after Kelli LAWSON had SEX with SMITH on Christmas night and then Kelli later died in the bed of Todd Smith.


    United States Attorney Sharon L. Potter announced that TABITHA CLEM, also known as “TABBY,” age 19, of Weston, West Virginia; STEVEN MICHAEL RICKERSON, age 41, of Harrison, West Virginia; SAMANTHA LORETTA, age 20, of Clarksburg; DUSTIN TURNER, also known as “DUSTY,” age 34; and EUGENE JONES, also known as “JONSEY,” age 51, were arrested on charges contained in 12-count drug Indictment. RUSSELL FOSTER, also known as “RUSTY,” age 30, is currently in custody on related charges. Law enforcement officers are also seeking the arrest of and FNU LNU.

    CLEM, RICKERSON, LORETTA, TURNER, and JONES had their Initial Appearances yesterday before Magistrate Judge John S. Kaull. RICKERSON is being held in custody pending a Detention Hearing. The remaining four defendants were released on bond.

    FOSTER, CLEM, RICKERSON, LORETTA, TURNER, JONES, and LNU were all named in Count One of the Indictment alleging that they conspired to manufacture, possess with intent to distribute, and distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine and to possess and distribute listed chemicals (pseudoephedrine, ethyl ether, and sulfuric acid), knowing and having reasonable cause to believe that the listed would be used to manufacture methamphetamine from September 13, 2006, to January 16, 2007, near Jane Lew, Roanoke, and Weston in Lewis County; Buckhannon in Upshur County; and Clarksburg and Nutter Fort in Harrison County, West Virginia.

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