Cosmos Communicator attacked by Minney and Crooks from Crooked County

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator-editor/Special edition article with permission from Cosmic Communications inc.

Today when I was working on a new article for immediate release involving more SEX scandals at GSC in Glenville, West Virginia the website – Cosmos Communicator – was yanked by wordpress without warning. Again, Lisa Minney has been getting involved in our personal business, as if she owns all the advertisers in West Virginia.

Lisa Minney, along with Lisa Belknap obviously have become full fledged members of the society ruled and run by the local “Powers that Be,” in Crooked County and most likely will be mentioned in a new book being released about judicial corruption in the WV courts along with Central WV city and county governments. Here is the official SS statement on the suspension by wordpress.

Cosmos Communicator Memo: We were suspended by WordPress because of complaints by the Crooked County Crooks that live next to the Crooked River and for the TRUTH being exposed. At this point we consider Lisa Minney to be an affiliate of people that cover up crimes. Those same people think they can get away with murder, while persecuting innocent people and commit white collar crimes with no consequence, because they are the law in these here parts!  Minney has a new faction of bad associates and rogue police officers in her circle and has been actually plotting to do harm to members of the SS. We are under attack.

Shocking photo of Lizzy Butcher and Lexie Butcher that were EXPOSED by Gilmer County GSC SEX SCANDAL!(this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

We are going to move the website out of the country and will be looking for a host that will hold lots of data and the SS will be looking to expose local public officials for wrongdoing with even more shocking data than was posted before. We won’t have to hold back like we did with the GILMER COUNTY SEX SCANDAL, we will be able to deliver all the dirt for all to see. Those Butcher Bitches Broke Bad all summer long and now they will be breaking bad from a safer domain.

We will try to keep you updated through posts via SS affiliates and will be routing all data and all e-mail posting etc. through one hub out of this state until we can get the website out of the country since it seems many in Central West Virginia no longer believe in FREE SPEECH!

Rina McCoy

Lisa Minny and Lisa Belknap were intrumental in organizing ANTI-FREE SPEECH rhetoric and do not respect the rights of others to be able to speak freely as they do on their publications.

Lisa Belknap the publisher of the Gilmer Journal was disappointed that the CalPatty Press had THREE TIMES the readers that she does with the Gilmer journal, so led the attack with Minney against Free Speech!(this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)

We ask that you do not patronize these hypocrites for how could they ever be trusted with the truth again?  Minney and Belknap are forced to canonize the Powers that Be in Crooked County to survive in business. They both have to bow down to make money just like Davey Cacamamie from the Glenville Democrap!!

Minney and Belknap are left to deify, exalt and adore the individual members of the local Power Elite!

They obviously are not the kind of people that can be held in confidence or believed with the information that will forever be slanted knowledge and influenced with adoring approval by the rich elite that call the shots in that evil villainous wicked little town down by the Crooked River!

Pencil pusher or Columnist – whatever little town hack hat they are wearing that week, you can be certain the girls known as  Lisa and Lisa will  only be  proposing valid positive image data – the message they deliver ain’t flying unless it has the seal of acceptance by the people with all the cash in Gilmer County, the ones in control!

Lisa Minney once a cherished member of the Secret Seven turned turncoat and led an attack against the SS and the CalPatty Press!

Stay tuned to this website and the Calhoun Underground or

Lisa Minney, Lisa Mini-Me not shown, she is the midget evil little version, but can be purchased at Hasbro toys!

Willy O for more information and updated news!

The Secret Seven does not bow down, nor do we have to brush off our knee’s or wipe our mouths!

All content  of this article subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator

Lexie Butcher broke Bad with Little sis Lizzie all summer long on the CalPatty Press!(this photo subject to copyright © 2010 Cosmos Communicator)


  1. This is the last Communication from the Cosmos since we were hit by surprise attack! The New Flagship of the SS was sunk! This article explains some of the situation, but it is time we consider the bad element that has gained a powerful foothold in a once prosperous happy community. There is an evil element calling the shots in Crooked County and the recent tragic details made known and exposed to the public by the SS regarding the cruel fate of law abiding citizens, are evidence of a real bad situation. Recent details involving the Board of Governors of Glenville State College- SEX SCANDALS – and the lawless rule of the “Powers that Be” being exposed for more criminal activity and criminal cover ups led to the current circumstance of demise.

    For now we are going to go further Underground, along with our friends from the Calhoun Underground. The current site Cosmos Communicator was not modified to display incriminating video’s in the way we wanted to broadcast them. Look for some real raucous behavior from our favorite Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton of Gilmer County on digital remastered video coming to the new website that we hope will be located in Iceland.

    About the NEW SITE:

    SEX in Gilmer County! “It’s the sort of dirty laundry you hope your kids never find out about, but when it is your kids …. Jesus !! Heaven help us!”

    “Trix is not just for …”

    Binkie, please don’t have sex with my binkie ….no!!


  2. This is fucking bullshit!!

    Another FLAGSHIP sunk, those Crooks from Crooked County really took a pounding during the 15 day war, and were certainly not going to ever go through that again! Unless ….

  3. PASS the Life jackets!

    Damn, the Communicator blown to bits!!

    That GSC SEX Scandal sure shook some Crooks up, they had to bring the big guns!!

    Well I a heard that someone was building a new flagship at a secret underground encampment….

    “Since I am Down by the River helping pick up pieces of a sunken flagship, lets get the music right… ”

    “I still love you Devin and I want some MO Ashley Miller!!! Bring home some more of that Cocaine from Mobile would ya!!”

  4. pullin for ya’ll- savin a link on my site for the new icelandic site- stay in touch(love the vids!)-willyo.

    Editors note: You got the video’s! Cool!! They were breaking bad!!

  5. ps-watch yer back, and keep yer guns loaded and at hand!thats how it is in wv.-willyo.

    Editors note: We like to be in a place where you can a see em comin for a ways…


    (09/08/2010) Bob Weaver
    Helicopter surveillance led to the discovery of some marijuana patches in Calhoun County yesterday by the WV State Police.

    Marijuana is said to be the state’s biggest cash crop.

    The eradication effort is part of a state-wide program in all 55 counties conducted by the agency each year, generally from July through October.

    Officers reportedly harvested a significant number of plants in what appeared to be from two areas in the county.

    At least one harvest was conducted in the upper Pine Creek area.

    State Police rarely release public information about the location of the patches, because the discovery becomes the first part of an on-going investigation.

    In Calhoun County, few if any subjects have been charged with marijuana growing following the eradication projects.

    Outdoor marijuana eradication numbers are up so far this year in West Virginia.

    “We’re on pace as of right now to top last year’s record,” said Sgt. A.P. Smith, with the State Police’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

    Officers destroyed an estimated 100,000 marijuana plants in the Eastern Panhandle during the first week of this year’s eradication season, which started July 6.

    Sgt. Smith said mature plants have an estimated $2,000 street value.

  7. You guys keep up the good work,like the tax sucking puritans you are. Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone,some where may be happy…HL Mencken Sgt. Smith you deserve a medal Douchebag!

    Editors: Derfel you sure talk funny, but I can’t understand a word ur a sayin! We are happy Sgt Smith hasn’t found any of our plants, but they are all about done now. R u a makin a reference to the book H. L. Mencken by Gore Vidal?

    Why hell, no buddy round here understands that kind a talk Derfel!
    We get pretty religious about growing our marijuana, I expect we about worship it around Harvest time, which is about now, if you are doing pure indica and on a short growing season. Sometimes i prefer a hybrid with a little longer growing season and then that is when you should have those up, not down, cuz they are a lookin a long the ground.

    But hey, guess you found where some of the Secret Seven are a hangin out.

    “We must respect the other fellow’s religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.”
    — H L Mencken, Minority Report (1956), quoted from Jonathon Green, The Cassell Dictionary of Insulting Quotations

  8. I heard the News that the entire incident with Lisa Minney turning on the Secret Seven was all a diversion, and all the excitement was meant to deceive the public to the fact that Lisa Minney is a spy for the people that expose the Crooks and that she is only now a mole in the system of the people running the County and the town. She is really still with the Secret Seven I heard so that she can get further on the inside to reveal the corruption so that it can be reported on the underground alternative news sites like the CalPatty Press!

    Editors note: That’s ridiculous!

  9. Unfortunately, we got some bad news in regard to some aggressive actions taken by LISA TWO-FACED TWO-LANE Minney!! According to information received from a person that works inside the Gilmer County Courthouse, not far in the past Minney caught the ear of Karen Elkin and was requesting documents and information on high ranking SS members, or specifically one member, and from what was told ELKIN complied with the request which is of questionable ethical considerations.

    Karen ELkins would be well advised to follow the rules, especially when it comes to individuals that have become targets of unlawful intention, and they all should be advised that we are watching every little fucking event that goes down in that hell house on the hill, just waiting for our chance to catch them in the act. TOO BAD we found out about the bad behavior displayed by Minney TOO LATE!

    Lisa Hayes Minney would be well advised to be more careful about her bad intentions to cause harm to our own protected members. “Hey Lisa, if you are gonna pull some sneaky shit like that again, don’t get caught at it, and if you think you are making friends that way think again, all you are doing is digging yourself a deeper hole, so why don’t you get the fuck off our cloud before you get another sign from GOD” !!!

    The Secret Seven of Central WV had it right when they said:

    “Minney and Belknap are left to deify, exalt and adore the individual members of the local Power Elite!

    They obviously are not the kind of people that can be held in confidence or believed with the information that will forever be slanted knowledge and influenced with adoring approval by the rich elite that call the shots in that evil villainous wicked little town down by the Crooked River!”

    Belknap is Belly up ! One down, TWO-FACES to go!

  10. What has happened? Thought Karen Elkins was in your fold, or are you just discovering what a two face piece of shit she is? If you check recent records you will find that she has supplied a court appointed attorney, not once, but twice, to a man here in town, This guy owns his own home, three autos, two boats, an acreage outside of town and he and his wife have a restaurant here in town. So how does he get the county to pay for his attorney. I ask Karen this very thing, her answer,” I didn’t check , I took his word for it”, then went on to say that she had made the PA aware of it, and it was up to him to do something about it..She was also ask this very question by another member of the CCCC, her answer was that the only one who could do anything about it was the mans former attorney. Which was a lie and which was truth Karen, or do you know? Or was this more smoke and mirrors out of the court house? So, Karen let me get this straight, you screw-up by not doing your job, cost the county money for attorneys for someone that does not qualify for one, then pass the buck to the PA’s office, expecting him to clean up the mess up made all at the county tax payers expense. You boast that you have 30 years experience in the Circuit Clerk’s office, is this the way you have done your job for all those years ( we are checking the court records) and is this what the county can expect out of you? So in light of this, to you we give our first “POOPER SCOOPER ” award. We will be handing out more of these in the near future.

    Editors note: The answer is: or are you just discovering what a two face piece of shit she is? Hell it took us four years to find out about Two-Faced Two-Lane ain’t living long like this Lisa Minney who turned on us like Benedict Arnold for the favor of the Power Elite. I am a softy I fall for all the sob stories and I was charmed by Karen Elkin who tells me of her mistreatment and the mistreatment she has gone through for years. Even though I know better, I still believe all of her stories and stuff….my bad.

  11. We have known it all along, ever since the Travel Trailer full of pot incident. This was the travel trailer of weed that she had growing at her house up sliding. When things got hot and the cops were on the way, she called the boys from Wolf Penn to take it to their house. They got it out in time, but when things soured between them ,she sent in The Shinn, his woman and a now dead outlaw from Dusk Camp. They took back the weed and ducked taped the long haired wolf man to a tire. To bad our wolf pups weren’t shit eaters, they could have had a good meal that night.

    Editors note: White Fang found our weed in the couch yesterday while we were out and all that was left was a partially chewed glad bag. I hate it when good weed meets a bad end. Being eaten by White Fang is not a fun way to go, just ask Bambi — to tell you the truth I was hoping to get some of that smoke from Karens Sig O — But the FANG slept real good and didn’t attack anyone until the snow plow guy got out of his truck this morning. Damn it is almost one I am late!!

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