HOT TODDY sentenced by Judge ALSOP! FINALLY the longest drug case in Calhoun County History has come to a close!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator-Editor/Secretary of the Council of Concerned Citizens

HOT TODDY Leader of the Fire Starting Cult!

Christopher Todd Smith  appeared before Judge Jack Alsop in Calhoun Circuit Court today and was sentenced in a timely manner shortly after 10am!

“Hot Toddy aka Christopher Todd Smith  received One to Three years in Prison today with time served! ”  …according to a noon report from Cosmos Communicator!

Depending on how one processes the “Time Served” Smith could be out of prison by early 2011, however that is not likely if Judge Alsop has anything to say about it, along with several Calhoun County citizens that have been waiting for this day for the better part of three years.

Sentencing meted out by 14th district circuit court Judge Alsop today is related to a drug charge which originated in Grantsville in 2007, with police saying Smith possessed about a gallon bag of marijuana with intent to deliver. 193 grams it was later determined.

The recent plea agreement appeared to have been one of two options, incarceration in prison for not less than one year nor more than three, or a determined number of days to be served in Central Regional Jail. (2009 Smith Court appearance below just after plea agreement was denied)

The Shelly Morris DeMarino "Sweet Deal" Snitch in the future agreement was rejected in 2009 after the Smith Case had been before the court for two years! Smith on right with his defense counsel!

Judge Nibert had rejected a request for a plea agreement in 2009. The case was continued into 2010 and was one of the last cases on the agenda of “Departing” Calhoun County Prosecuting Attorney Shelly Morris DeMarino. (photo-below)

Shelly D tried to get a deal for Smith in 2009, but HOT TODDY never did have to face the 2010 APRIL trial - as another last minute deal was signed on the very day documented by this courtroom photo

Both Judge David W. Nibert and Thomas Evans III had already recused themselves from the case and Judge Jack Alsop had to be appointed by the WVSC to hear it.

Smith also filed a motion that Alsop also be disqualified, however that effort was

"CULT" Leader and man believed responsible for starting many of the 07 Calhoun County "Mystery Fires!"


The current Calhoun County Prosecutor Rocky Holmes had already been disqualified because of prior involvement in the case and prior involvement with Todd Smith and his twenty years of terror in Calhoun County and surrounding areas.

Fire Starting Cult Leader HOT TODDY sentenced today by Special Judge ALSOP!

Christopher Todd Smith, formerly of Grantsville was once  charged with stealing a dead man’s credit card after he died in a car crash on Route 47 near Leachtown, Wood County on October 30th.
Smith apparently came upon the fatal crash of Randolph Fluharty, a resident of Mineral Wells, taking the man’s credit card and using it the same day to purchase an ATV. A despicable act, and then Smith for years claimed to be friends with Judge Facemire of Braxton, County.

Judge Alsop usually holds court in Crooked County but paid a visit to the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy and was the judge that had the courage to sentence the CULT leader Hot Toddy to 1-3years in Prison.

“One year to the day,” before the 2010 plea agreement was made – the  April of 2009   SNITCH DEAL plea agreement, authored by Shelly Morris DeMarino regarding Smith’s  2007 drug charges–Judge Nibert rejected, indicating Smith had a 20-year history of criminal charges in several counties, including the theft of a credit card, mentioned. Smith purchased an ATV with the credit card, and  spent some time incarcerated for the theft- and robbing the card from the body of a man just killed in a car accident.

On March 22, 2010 –  I thought this case was going to go all the way until 2011 when through his attorney Tom Whittier, Smith presented new motions to Circuit Judge David W. Nibert.

Nobody wanted to hear any NEW motions of any kind — since the dope arrest was from October of 2007 and the matter had not yet been brought to trial.

One motion made by Smith’s attorney Tom Whitter was for an In-camera hearing, a closed or private session with the judge.

In Camera refers to a secret and private discussion and trials held with the judge in his private chambers or in the courtroom without any public or jurors.

Normally sensitive matters and matters of national security are tried or discussed privately which may or may not be recorded. Doubt Hot Toddy has any legitimate matters that would require and IN-CAMERA situation.

Judge Nibert responded, “I don’t want to have a hearing (on motions) on the trial date!”

Prosecutor Shelly DeMarino said “I oppose this. It has drug on far too long, too many continuances,” while reviewing the court record.

Fire Starting Cult members moved a lot of meth and pills and threw some outrageous parties in Calhoun County, the group was infiltrated by SS members in 2006 and photo's were taken!

Stephanie Stamper AKA Lil Steph, a sister to the deceased Kelli Nicole Stamper-Lawson AKA Lunacy Lucy of the Fire Starting Cult was recently almost run over by Todd Smith AKA Hot Toddy leader of the CULT!

This incident that involved Smith backing his truck up in a threatening manner as if to ram the vehicle into the young Stephanie Stamper prompted her to file a protective order against Smith.

DeMarino expressed concern for Lil Steph – who could have been a witness for the prosecution in Smith’s drug case-we predict that she will testify to the fact that SMITH KILLED KELLI LAWSON in a pending murder investigation, cuz Kelli knew too much about Hot Toddy’s drug and gang operations-technically at one time, the Central West Virginia SS and CCC considered Lil Steph a full fledged member of the Fire Starting Cult!

Original Fire Starting Cult member known as Lunacy Lucy the Pill Popper and Bed Hopper who was found dead in the Bed of Cult leader Smith just hours after a Christmas night of Partying being found dead at approx 0430 hrs 26 December 2009

Kelli Stamper-Lawson was formerly Smith’s girlfriend.  She died of what has been rumored as

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson was originally from Lewis County and was the constant companion of Hot Toddy leader of the Fire Starters!!

a drug overdose  last December 26th — Lawson was found unresponsive in Smiths bed in the wee hours of the morning at 4:30 am the 26th just after an Xmas night Celebration at Smiths home in Weston. Inside information revealed Lawson died from a cocktail of illegal drugs.

Now that HOT TODDY is a bit tied up over the 2007 dope rap he has several more charges to face, with even more jail time to look forward to. We will keep you up to date via reports from the Cosmos!

….the Cosmos Communicator the New Flagship of the West Virginia SS!


  1. Great work on getting important information to the public in the quickest time!

    Thanks, I was on pins and needles, and needles and pins waiting for the news on a case we have all been waiting to be over for three years!

    It’s over! Good work! Good work EE for getting the message through!

  2. Thanks to everyone who fought the long hard battle to see Hot Toddy finally get his day in court for the infamous 2007 Grantsville arrest.

    We fought hard to see that Lisa Minney’s biggest enemy was reported on accurately for every little thing he was involved in since 2006!

    I bet the Mayor of the County Seat of Calhoun County is resting easier tonight along with the whole family.

  3. CHRISTOPHER TODD SMITH SENTENCED 1-3 - Federal Grand Jury Hearing Testimony-Will Smith be indicted for Murder? says:

    CHRISTOPHER TODD SMITH SENTENCED 1-3 – Federal Grand Jury Hearing Testimony

    By Bob Weaver

    Grantsville resident Christopher Todd Smith was sentenced yesterday to 1-3 years in the state penitentiary, related to Smith’s possession of “a one gallon bag of marijuana” with intent to deliver.

    Smith was ordered to pay the costs of the court action, and will be given credit for time already served.

    A federal grand jury is reportedly hearing testimony this week in Elkins regarding what role Smith might have played in the sudden death of his girlfriend Kelli Lawson last December.

    The Weston Police Department has been investigating her untimely death for several months.

    Numerous local residents have reportedly given testimony related to that incident.

    Yesterday’s sentencing came following a plea agreement in the 2007 case which has long malingered in the court system, following numerous delays, motions, recusals and fired lawyers.


    Special Judge Jack Alsop firmly denied a number of motions made by Smith’s defense attorney Tom Whittier, including a motion to recuse current special prosecutor Jerry Hough.

    Smith took the stand in an effort to make a case to dismiss Hough as the prosecutor, claiming that a casual conversation he and Hough had during a traffic ticket hearing in Glenville would make Hough unfit to prosecute the current case.

    Judge Alsop disagreed, making several legal points, including Smith’s failure to follow set time frames for motions, indicating there was no evidence that rose to disqualify Hough.

    He asked Smith’s attorney Tom Whittier, “What is the basis of recusal?”

    Whitter continued to claim the conversation was “prejudicial.” Judge Alsop denied the motion, saying “There is not enough to recuse, Hough.”

    Attorney Wittier, in another motion, moved to have the terms of the plea agreement remain sealed, asking that the press be removed from the courtroom.

    Judge Alsop denied the motion.

    “Everything has been done to delay this matter,” Alsop said, telling Smith that he has two choices at this juncture in the case, either accept the plea agreement or go to trial.

    Smith, through his attorney, accepted the plea agreement.


    Attorney Whittier had asked to be dismissed as Smith’s attorney and attorney Joshua Sturm was appointed.

    Smith filed a motion that Sturm had not been responsive to his case, calling him an “incompetent attorney,” according to court records.

    The court apparently held Whittier to represent Smith during Thursday’s hearing.

    Both Judge David W. Nibert and Thomas Evans III had recused themselves from the case, likely because the court’s probation officer is involved in a Smith case.

    Smith had also filed a motion that Judge Alsop be disqualified.

    Calhoun prosecutor Rocky Holmes had been disqualified.


    A criminal complaint has been filed against Smith for the intimidation of a public official, linked to the alleged removal of decorations by Smith from the grave-site of Patsy McCartney’s late husband. McCartney is a probation officer.

    Smith is facing another charge related to shooting an air rifle at a Cabot Station resident, who is reportedly a witness in a Smith case.

    He has also been charged with destruction of property belonging to Gary Knight, Mayor of Grantsville.

    Numerous charges have been filed against Smith in Lewis County.

  4. Calhoun County's first summer without Shelly DeMarino since 08 was no joke! But, HOLMES gets the job done now! says:

    News about DeMarino was announced last Thursday April 1, 2010 was NO JOKE – and is hereby entered into the public record by the Cosmos Communicator:

    GRANTSVILLE, W.Va. (AP) — Calhoun County’s prosecutor is resigning, citing a breakdown in her office’s relationship with the State Police as the cause.

    “The situation between myself and law enforcement has led me to this decision, as I do not feel that I can effectively prosecute the criminal cases due to an irreparable break down in the relationship between my office and the West Virginia State Police,” Shelly DeMarino wrote in a resignation letter presented to county commissioners on Monday.

    DeMarino was appointed prosecutor in January 2008 to replace Matt Minney, who resigned to accept a position with the state Public Service Commission. She did not immediately return a telephone call Thursday seeking comment.

    County Commission President Bob Weaver said DeMarino’s resignation is the latest in a series of issues with State Police troopers assigned to the county.

    “The State Police in Calhoun County have a long record of questionable performance,” Weaver said Thursday. “I would like to see a level of ethical and professional behavior restored and a relationship between the county prosecutor and the West Virginia State Police.”

    Weaver said he has complained to the State Police several times and nothing has come of the complaints. “They just internally investigate and nothing happens,” he said.

    State Police spokesman Sgt. Mike Baylous said Thursday that senior agency officials were investigating.

    A spokesman for Gov. Joe Manchin said the administration would make inquiries.

    “Strong relationships among our prosecutors and our law enforcement agencies is paramount to ensuring the well-being of our citizens,” said Matt Turner.

    Weaver said the commission will accept DeMarino’s resignation when it meets later this month. DeMarino says she will leave office May 1, but is willing to extend her departure until June 1 2010

    Accepting the resignation, however, creates the problem of finding a new prosecutor, Weaver said.
    “Nobody is beating the door down to become prosecutor in Calhoun County.”

    As we know Rocky Holmes became prosecutor for Calhoun County and is now doing a fine job!

  5. The Team Rangers under the leadership of John Manis Richards have moved into Goodwin hall and will be attending GSC and provided needed inside information on the Powers that Be and are sad to report there is no parking at the school, so some have to park very far away and walk if they are to visit.

    Editors note: Well done, and glad to see Johnny has lost so much weight and his health is improving slightly

  6. Have you heard anything on the attempted rape of woman by Felix Aviles who works at the prison? He attempted to rape a girl that also works at the prison, it was in her apt. in town, he kicked in the door, tore her cloths off and bit her, she got away and ran to the police station. No charges filed yet. Suppose to file them tomorrow..but John “don’t do shit” Moss will probably not do anything..but what can we expect out of that piece of shit?

    Editors note: The bite mark needs to be documented and a report needs to be made so that proper protocol and procedure can be followed.

  7. Heard he got charged with domestic assault only….surprised they didn’t charge the girl with domestic violence because she kicked him off of her…Glenville…what a piece of shit place to live, crooked judges and law enforcement, magistrates that protect their spouses that are accused of child molesting…Glenville what a fine place .

    Editors note: But what about Carly Hough and her habit of pulling her panties to the side?

  8. Here is some news from the documents supplied by the Calhoun County Secret Seven….

    Here is TODD SMITHS” address if anyone wants to write, so Todd can’t say, “Now why don’t they write?”

    Hot Toddy wants someone to send him pictures of a sexy stripper in skimpy clothes.
    Mail it to him at:
    CRJ 300 Days Drive Sutton WV 26601-9263. His # is 1045902.
    He said to add, “To hook a brother up, but an envelope can only have 1 stamp, so that is probably 4 pictures per envelope!”

    The leader of the Fire Starting Cult has been writing a lot of letters from jail and has made some unusual requests while locked up, the pictures are but one.

    Some other truths that have been documented from letters written by Todd Smith are:

    “Steph was Kelli’s heroin connection”. ” Little Steph was having sex with me and it wasn’t for drugs.”

    Smith also said he has a news flash for the SS!!
    “Doug Starcher is having an affair with (I couldn’t read his writing). He is married to Stacy Wilson.”

    State Trooper Doug Starcher married into some good loving, but no love there!

    Smith also said he has info on R. Postalwaite from Grantsville being a crook and would like to reveal that info to the SS in return for favors.

    Hot Toddy also claims to have damaging information, photo’s etc on the beloved former SS member-turned TURN COAT- Lisa Minney, and wants to exchange that information for legal aid.

    More later…

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