Just Talking about the BIGGEST CROOK in Crooked County…in a Letter to Carly Hough!

A LETTER TO CARLY HOUGH…Daughter to the biggest CROOK in Crooked County GERALD B HOUGH!!

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July 9, 2010

By Rina McCoy/CalPatty Press Reporter

My baby, she wrote me a letter!  Well that is not really the story, but Carly wanted to jump in and make a public statement on the Gilmer Free Press the most popular media source in Central West Virginia! This letter to Carly was to prove to her, that the multiple complaints against a public official were more than valid! This article was yanked from the CalPatty Press like a Hot Toddy Roddy  OR  … just like a sex crazed Gila Monster latched on to Lunacy Lucy at a Calhoun County Pill Poppin Party, back in the day before they murdered JD Nicholson!

I was just forwarded a document sent to me from Lisa and told to run it, and to get the article up and going by 5pm today!

The matter is of a discussion on the Gilmer Free Press a local media source that has been getting recognition for getting important matters in front of the public, and further, was given credit for putting pressure on the governor to appoint a new BOG at GSC!

"She's gonna do it!" "She' gonna do it!" Pull em to the side Carly! Carly Hough party animal on the right is gonna show us a sight!

This article involves a discussion on the Gilmer Free Press in which the public complains about a bad public official Gerald B Hough from Gilmer County!

The discussion takes place on this article:

CommunityConcerns: Gilmer County Prosecutor Fails Again – Jessica Self Case Dismissed!

Now we don’t know for sure if Jessica is innocent or guilty for the facts in the case are so skewed that it is all up in the air and it would take weeks to sort out. If she was guilty, then she got away with stealing a whole lot of cash, but if she is not, then the matter was bungled in court, and it was a good thing for her. I wish we could report on the matter, but I was told to say nothing about her innocence or guilt in the matter, but just for the record, I think she took the money and Gerry fucked up the case to high heaven.

This is what Carly Hough said in defense of her father:

Carly Hough outspoken daughter of the biggest CROOK in CROOKED COUNTY!

As Mr. Hough’s first child, I obviously have a different perspective. Although it IS difficult to read these comments about my dad, this post is not intended to gain sympathy. Rather, I legitimately wonder what satisfaction this hostility is bringing to your life?

First of all, few of you are courageous enough to identify yourself…because doing so would require you to verify these vague claims. Not to mention, many of you have anonymously committed libel. But since you’re so familiar with the legal system, I’m sure you already know that.

To the coward who claims to have spoken with my dad’s professors, how about providing us with names? These professors are well aware that federal law prohibits discussion of a student’s performance with anyone except the student (FERPA), so allow me to call your bluff. As a candidate of WVU law school, my name is recognized by professors who have asked my dad to speak in their class.

Furthermore, it seems that few of you comprehend the definition of competence and intelligence. My dad happens to be a MENSA…comprised of the top 2% of IQ scores in the world! Not only is my dad more than qualified for his position, but he is one of the smartest and most motivated individuals I know. To the coward who gained satisfaction from calling my dad lazy- try dealing with uneducated criminals all morning, running 4 miles at lunch, driving an hour and a half to teach all evening, and coming home to help with homework & tuck your kids in bed after that. Speaking of laziness, you may have heard of the saying, “idle hands are the devil’s playground.“ It seems that most of you would benefit from spending all of this free time on more constructive activities!

Here is a response to Carly Hough:


Hey Carly Hough,

Sorry, this post of yours was just brought to my attention this afternoon. I would love to respond to your rather harsh criticism of the people that posted valid complaints against a public official that is not only, NOT living up to the position, but also committed criminal behavior while performing his so called duties!

Carly started pulling the panties to the side while just in high school! Did someone say ADULT EDUCATION?!

I have on my desk the court record from my case. I paid $2500.00 for it, and had to hire an attorney out of Elkins WV to handle the matter.

First of all in regard to your claim here is a quote, from you!

“First of all, few of you are courageous enough to identify yourself…because doing so would require you to verify these vague claims!”

I did identify myself and you will hear a lot more about me in the future I can assure you!

Check this out Carly, your father is a bold face liar and brings facts he just makes up to the courtroom! Would you like me to prove it to you?  I would love to do that!

So, Carly, do you know what a court record is? (How does it feel to have someone talk to you in a condescending way- your dad is real good at it, did he learn that in Mensa?)

In the court record, your father Gerald B Hough lies to the jury, did you get that …. lies!

Here is just one example, I have many.

From the court record:

“While the husband is sick with Cancer Shirley Ball writes a check.”

Investigators discovered that Mr. Ball was not diagnosed with Cancer until TWO YEARS LATER!  What a bold face liar your father is! Two years later. Mr. Ball was not sick at all on that date and did not have cancer or was he sick. Shirley Ball and your father are both liars and I will prove that in court. YOUR FATHER LIED TO THE JURY!

Mr. Ball gave me a loan, since I dropped everything, including my studio work try to save our farm. I was paying on two vehicles to the bank plus insurance. A check was written for $500.00 – Gerry gave a few different of his full time employee’s loans, since he was the man that owned the company he started from his garage.

Investigators discovered that a man named Terry that has long blonde hair also got a similar loan at the same time and had the same status as me, an employee that had been laid off. Our whole shift was laid off. Yes I actually had to work for once in my life instead of having a dream job as a disc jockey, but your father told the jury that I did not even know Mr. Ball. Your father lied to the jury and is not such a great guy!


To Terry ex Telcon employee, we will pay you for your testimony against Gerry Hough and Shirley Ball.  So you don’t need to take a loan from someone if you are unemployed.

The man caught looking down the top of Crooked County Crooks editor Lisa Wexler November 13th 2007 Gerald B Hough Crooked County Prosecutor accused of CREATING criminal cases and currently under federal investigation according to Fawn Thomas public affairs director for the US Attorneys office

I am going to keep this real short today, because there are about 50 different examples in the court record in which your father lied to the jury and that is very serious, and in fact I will make the evidence we have against your father on CD available for your own listening and then you will discover he had a helper in his criminal activity and her name is Marilyn Matheny and my family wants her in prison and we are trying to put her there in a big way.

Right after I was falsely arrested, Shirley Ball stole my car from Mr Balls auto repair shop, just after he died.

I had 400 of the 500 I owed him and called him in April of that year and told him I brought my favorite car to the shop. I got his OK to give the guys at the shop the 400 and I could pay him back later. There was a witness to this and his name is Kevin Wease and the State Police know we are looking to have a little conversation with that man. We know where he lives now.

They never fixed my car. Gerry died and his wife Shirley stole my car.

Trooper Smith called me last April 2010 and told me he was under orders from headquarters to find my Volvo. So, Carly, one of your father witnesses who lied in court stole my car. I would like my car back; do you think you could make some calls?

Oh yeah one more thing, this comment of yours,

“Not to mention, many of you have anonymously committed libel”

I can’t wait to tell you what to do with that statement, but I can’t say it here, but if you see me soon in town, I will be glad to say it to your face!


Oh, Carly, now that he is done with that statement, I am known to my friends as Reeny…

I also hope I get the chance to say this to your face, here ya go!

Shut the (censored) bitch!  And stay out of it! You have no (censored) idea what you are talking about!

And with that statement I am being very reserved.


  1. Carly, this is important that you receive this data below so you can be assured what kind of guy Gerry Hough is.

    ALLOW ME TO CALL YOUR BLUFF CARLY HOUGH in regard to this part of your statement”

    “To the coward who claims to have spoken with my dad’s professors, how about providing us with names? These professors are well aware that federal law prohibits discussion of a student’s performance with anyone except the student (FERPA), so allow me to call your bluff. As a candidate of WVU law school, my name is recognized by professors who have asked my dad to speak in their class.”

    Now pay close attention and try not to pull your panties to the side until we are done here, this is what we received straight from the fine people at the West Virginia Supreme Court and they had a little something in their disciplinary files that calls your bluff Hough! Here it is!

    Now, this is not us talking, this is an official at the Supreme Court!

    There was a disciplinary case filed against an attorney named Gerald Hough on December 20, 2000, charging violations of Rules 4.1, 4.4 and 8.4(c), in connection with the attorney making false representations in order to obtain confidential college records of a rape victim so as to benefit his client, who was charged with the rape. It was eventually resent to the Lawyer Disciplinary Board and dismissed form the Court’s Docket. (Off the record because I am not sure about this:) (censored by the ss) ( I can’t understand the computer notes. You should check with the lawyer disciplinary board.) Also,this is the same attorney who is now the prosecutor in Gilmer County. The rules that are enumerated also can be found on the Office of Disciplinary Counsel website, the link to which I have already given you.

    Gerald B Hough was doing exactly what you were accusing others of doing illegally! Do you want to know why?

    Because Gerald B Hough is dishonest and is the biggest Crook in Crooked County!

    How low can you go getting the files on a rape victim so you could get some shit on her to protect the GSC student rapist.

    Thank GOD for the Central WV SS or none of this would be made public!!!

  2. Was you aware the the smart Mr Hough failed the bar exam 7 times before finally passing it? please email me back if you get this. Thanks

    Editors note: Actually the way I heard it was from F John’s Wife was that it was eight times. Don’t recognize the mail, but obviously your comment was received, and so mail was sent for your query. Mr Hough does not need to wear shades for he has put the cost well over the top to have the need to wear shades. No bright future there. Hey, but if you see Carly around, tell her to shut her pie hole.

  3. That stupid Carly bitch was slutting all over campus when that TKE house was up, shes drank illegally so many times.

    Editors: We know all about that, but what are you gonna do in a Crooked little town down by the Crooked River when your daddy is the head law man in town. Look at Crystal Metz, she was in drug bust after drug bust and did it all, but she never went down once. She would walk when everyone else went to jail, and then she grew up to be a killer, in fact it’s nice to have a real killer around here again!

  4. Ok, honestly I have no idea where to start, but let me make this simple. One: people do not need to be saying rude comments to the Hough family. Most of you people probably don’t even really know them. They are one of the sweetest families I know. Carly is a good girl so poeple need to stop running their mouth. Also Gerry is a great guy and father. This is his job and sometimes he probably has to do what he has to do. You are not in his shoes and probably don’t know as much as he does. Another thing you think Carly Hough is bad? Lets take a look back on your college days and or high school days. I bet you guys/ girls weren’t angels. So don’t run your mouth about her saying she is a bad person, because she is one of the best girls I know. So you people really think it is appropriate to be saying this about them? How do you think their family likes this? I bet they don’t, so before you run your mouth about them get to know them, because I love that family like they are my own.
    Thank you.

    Editors note: Dawn, we appreciate your telling your version of things that is why you received instant access. But, please DO NOT insult our intelligence or those of our readers by bringing out the finer attributes about a public official we have dead to rights involving misconduct and unlawful activity. Why even bring his family up? His family has nothing to do with this, but Carly took it upon herself to speak up on the GFP last May. She brought it, and then she was told the truth. If she did some research on our facts, she would discover we are absolutely correct with the information we have brought forward. Good thing, you ran into me this afternoon, otherwise this could have gotten ugly. Hough knowingly hid evidence and paid a state witness to lie in an attempt to send an innocent person to prison for 30 years. Hough will be facing his wrongdoing until he is punished if takes the next 100 years, so get over it. Tell him to quit bringing his family into it, for Hough is in for a big big surprise soon.

    1. Excuse me for saying my opinion, but I feel that this is just wrong for you to be doing this. Also another thing you can’t threaten me in anyway over the internet or in person. Quote “Good thing, you ran into me this afternoon, otherwise this could have gotten ugly.” I stated my opinion and I will continue to do so. So my opinion is this so called “website” you have here is a bunch of unnecessary results that only you have and your opinions. Infact I bet this could be used in some way in court called “slander”, but since you told me not to “insult” your intelligence I figured you already knew that.

      Editors note: Check this out little miss prissy Power Elite loving little miss bitchy — we are hip to your tactic of putting forth false concepts, and you stated your opinion. By the way “In fact” is two words,unless you are referring to Brian Dunning “Infact web video series,” but all you are trying to do is mislead and misdirect the truth! Also, “Slander” would be in an instance in which something was not true. All allegations against Gerald B Hough were well stated and accurately presented. If they are in dispute please bring forth facts, otherwise shut the fuck up you mouthy little excuse for a wanna be lover of the Power Elite, but you are coming off like a “Freak” from 1987 or something.

      Oh, and since you are the type that believes the entire world should view everything from your eyes as if, you are “All that…”

      “Good thing, you ran into me this afternoon, otherwise this could have gotten ugly. ” …was a reference to the effect that if you would have been received in a timely manner by another moderator, it would have been possible that you would not have been treated with the polite and respectful manner in which I responded to you, given your preconceived attitude regarding the wrongdoing of the prosecutor of Gilmer County, West Virginia.

      1. First of all I’m not a type that thinks I am “All that”. I love to hear other people’s opinions and how they think on a situation, otherwise I wouldn’t be on this website. In my opinion which I have stated I just think this website is wrong and you should not publish this. This kind of website could get in lots of trouble. Quote from a laws website: “The fact is that anything that is done on the internet, such as messages or comments on chat boards, blogs, and websites are all considered forms of publication. Therefore, any comment or statement that is considered to be libel will fall within the extent of the law due to such statements or comments being considered as published.” Also with the pictures above I thought I would inform you with this information as well. “Libel is the form of defamation where it occurs through a printed or written method, which can also include pictures.”

        Editors note: Listen Bitch!! You have stated the same fucking thing three fucking times, we heard you the first time! Jesus!
        Libel is when it is not true you idiot!! Everything we say can be backed up by court documents, testimony and facts! Are you stupid? Can’t you read? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!??

        This is getting so fucking annoying. Here I was just joking about leaving one of the highly trained attack dogs from Crooked River German Shepherds at just the right time and just the right place to take care of some Crooked County business, and now I’m hoping you may pop by for a visit that day, here is an excerpt from Secret Shit mail to a high ranking member of the SS just sent moments ago! …just in time!
        All in the name of how do we run these idiots out of town!!

        … They have to go, we should make them leave the area and never return. Wait until they run into a real mean dog, and then they will know not to be coming around. We have one that would scare the holy hell out of them just to gaze upon the beast. Of course that dog could be let off his leash at just the right time. Not like he was trained to kill or anything ….hee hee.

        “The GHOST WOLF of Crooked County on these warm nights climbs up higher on the HILL, “Always watching, always looking, always waiting, for his chance at Revenge in the Ville!”

  5. Dawn, the SS of Central West Virginia has a long history of bringing forth facts that proof later to be shockingly true. Just research our history. We are responsible for getting to victims of the Calhoun County Police Chief in Grantsville and getting him busted for sexual assaults of prisoners and the rape of other women controlled by the state.

    ALL of our data on Gerald B Hough is accurate and correct. Hough should be in jail for all of the crimes he committed just in covering for the felony charges of Chief Deputy Bandy from Calhoun County. We started the SS in 2006 in Gimer County, but were immediately needed in Calhoun and we kicked some ass and discovered the P0 P0 in Calhoun were partying with the Fire Starting Cult and even banging their chicks and exchanging prescription drugs during pill popping and bed hopping parties and we have the photo’s to back it up.

    You had your say, and it was not censored, now take your dumb ass comments down the road a piece…

    Thanks for your interest in the criminal actions of Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor, and tell Carly we are waiting for her to do what she is famous for, and we just can’t wait!!!

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