1. The CalPatty Press was right all along....By Rina McCoy We are dead in the water with all of our files locked up! We may need two more attorneys! says:

    This story was salvaged with some comments in tack! To catch everyone up there has been a scramble to get all the incriminating images from CalPatty Press articles off the net.

    Some illegal actions have been taken by Public officials in Gilmer County commonly known as Crooked County and threats of bodily harm have been made against all members of the Secret Seven. Orders were released to round every one up and charge them with anything you can think of.

    A violation of our first amendment rights had been committed, but now we have caught the Crooks in Crooked County being involved in a conspiracy to jail and or murder us just like Fred Hill.

    That is right, Fred would have been in jail that night, but a little trip down the Crooked River is what happened instead.

    Thank GOD the CROOKS have put their trust in people that are no longer their friend. In fact, they are our friends and have told on them. We have alerted other agencies to their conspiracy to commit a crime – so that the crimes that the CROOKS from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River have already committed won’t be found out by being published in the CalPatty Press.

    Wait until we release the list of names all those involved in a conspiracy to bring great bodily harm, falsely arrest, or incarcerate individuals that only seek to educate the mainstream society to all of the corruption and the white collar crime that has been going on for years in Gilmer County

  2. Salvaged from the wreckage -- A MESSAGE from SEAN! Son to MIKE and JULIE FLANAGAN who were both murdered! says:

    This important comment was salvaged from the Sunken Flagship:

    Sean the son of Mike and Julie Flanagan made a statement today about the FACTS of the Flanagan murder and the bullshit people are trying to put across.

    The SS, CalPatty Press, CCC and Team Rangers endorse this statement and are in agreement with the facts presented. We have not spoken to the folks at the CU yet and are hoping they agree that is time the REAL facts are brought forth.

    The following information and statement by a Sean, Flanagan family member is the truth and any other news source, especially mainstream will not be able to update the public to the true matters involving this terrible tragedy.

    If you afraid to hear the truth then don’t read this, but if you want to know more about the real facts about a brutal double murder that is being swept under the rug, then listen up

    I have had it with this absolute fallacy that my father was at all in business with Bucky in any way shape or form. I know for certain that he was not as Mike spoke of him on visits telling me that he was on good terms with the new well tender he was not however considered a close friend and he was someone he kept at a distance as far as what he trusted him with and his growroom certainly wasn’t something he would tell anyone about unless he knew them for a long time. He never kept anything from me however and he told me he did not trust him enough to tell him about that. There is a big difference between friends and acquaintances and Bucky was no friend. My father always told me throughout your whole life you can count your true friends on one hand and he was very selective when it came to a trusted friend. I can say this with certainty Bucky didn’t know about the growroom until he had murdered them and started to ransack the house. And by default the idea that Mike threatened anyone’s children is a joke. Don’t even try to tell me that I don’t know my parents well enough to know that neither of them would stand for the threatening of a child or anyone else for that matter unless they were being threatened first. That whole theory is offensive to me as well as the rest of the family and anyone else who just plain knew them for that matter. This whole experience has filled me with a rage I’ve never before experienced and a sadness that will never go away. I worked that farm for years helping my parents build it to what it was from absolutely nothing. The first year we lived there we went without electricity, running water, and decent heat. It was a rough start but we got through it as a family and it made us strong. Then the lawsuit with Steve Stalnaker who through some bullshit legal jargon tried to sweet talk us out of our rightfully owned free gas. I’m almost certain he bribed the judge because he mandated many things that were not in our favor than instantly dropped them all after we took it to the Supreme Court they were dropped and we won our right to free gas. Many many trying times that only made us stronger as a family. As an adult before all this happened I was working to build a cattle farm which Mike was starting from the ground up. The plan was he was going to build another house back in one of the valleys and Me and my girlfriend were gonna move into there house and My girl was gonna have her job with the army corpse of engineers and I was gonna be a farmer raise cattle grow my own garden get married start a family. All that is gone now and I have to struggle to adjust to this bleak future without my parents all because of some methed out piece of shit. To any of you who harbor sentiment for Bucky imagine approaching your parents house one filled with memories of love and childhood to find it surrounded with police tape. You approach the house and you notice discarded rubber gloves and snuff spit everywhere. Open the door and there it is your home your place of comfort covered in more blood then I’ve ever seen at once. Six inches of blood and brain matter pilled against the walls were my father sat in his rocking chair. The love seat where my mother sat drenched in blood to the point where it had soaked through to the floor. Imagine picking the bird shot out of the walls. I wish nothing but pain and a lifetime of sorrow and suffering upon Bucky for what he has done to me. If there was any other involvement I wanna know maybe Bucky wasn’t the trigger man maybe he is scared for his kids but they were robbed plain and simple and now I’m a god damn orphan. Chew on that food for thought.

    Salvaged from the wreckage a comment about the fourth estate!


    A Redress of Grievances, the first amendment, that is what we are all about!

    We are JOURNALISTS! You are NOT a journalist Lisa Minney and neither is Lisa Mini-me nor does any of that crap resonate from Lisa Belknap!

    Journalists are the FOURTH ESTATE

    Going back to the French Revolution you had the Nobles and the Clergy, were the first two estates, the commoners were the third estate, the fourth estate is the press.

    The presses job is to criticize and and raise “these” issues and we continue to keep doing it regardless of any threats we receive from the powers that be.

    Here is some background for you:

    Fourth Estate is a term referring to the press. The term goes back at least to Thomas Carlyle in the first half of the 19th century. Thomas Macaulay used it in 1828.

    Novelist Jeffrey Archer in his work The Fourth Estate made the observation: “In May 1789, Louis XVI summoned to Versailles a full meeting of the ‘Estates General’. The First Estate consisted of three hundred clergy. The Second Estate, three hundred nobles. The Third Estate, six hundred commoners. Some years later, after the French Revolution, Edmund Burke, looking up at the Press Gallery of the House of Commons, said, ‘Yonder sits the Fourth Estate, and they are more important than them all.’”

  3. Lisa Minney and several others, including Gerald B Hough- L Belknap- Dave cacamamie owner of the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit- R Terry Butcher – Timothy B Butcher (who in a blatant and reckless manner STOLE money from the AJ Woofter estate and found police protection after doing so) – have put us all under personal attack. They are seeking to effectively destroy us as human beings just for speaking out and telling the truth! I guess THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!

    Lisa Minney actually has been working with rogue law enforcement officers along with some other public officials accused of criminal activity. Does Minney not know she has aligned herself with others that are under federal investigation for wrongdoing and false arrests?!

    It was not enough for these people to go to GREAT LENGTHS to take the site down they are out to destroy us as individuals too – which proves our point of broadcast on the internet all along!! Our agenda was to expose corruption and the individuals involved and now those SAME people are the ones complaining to our server.

    We have done a fine job in our fourth year of exposing corruption. We know “Who” all the Crooks in Crooked County are and we removed plenty of bad cops and crooks from Calhoun County by reporting the TRUTH!!

    Everything thing about Facemire(even about his small penis), Hough, the Butchers, County Commissioner Brian Kennedy and his lying through her teeth wife Tara Kennedy is true. All the fact established about them are true and backed up by valid documents.

    Hello to all the CalPatty Press friends finding us through backtype comments. Please refer to this website:

    Just click Original at the bottom of every comment you see that we have authored and it will take you right to us, wherever you are.

    Write to us at for more information on a private access site where we are sure to have all the dirt with pictures on all of these Crooks that are in public positions – or rogue police officers, just today brought to our attention – now under the glass.

    By clicking on original located at the bottom of our current comment on backtype it will take you to:

    That is our current position, so if you lose us go to backtype look for our most recent comment and then click original and it will bring you home to Reeny!

  4. SS ALERT SS ALERT – An alarm to all Secret Seven members and Council of Concerned Citizens!! Pocahontas County shuts down Etater a free speech forum for the people to fight corruption-an SS affliliate!! says:

    ETATER DOT COM RIPPED OFF THE INTERNET 12 August and Norman Alderman the administrator was arrested for speaking out!!

    FREE SPEECH IN WV IS BEING ATTACKED CALL THE FEDS -these people are out of their minds!

    SS Inter office communique’ rcvd 1440 hrs Elkins WV Consolidated Citizens Corp-headquarters

    Dear Lisa:

    I have been arrested and my computers, several external devices, and hundreds of backup disks have been seized. We spent the night in jail. With your permission I will send you regular updates of our filings and research as we fight this in county. I appreciate your help. Feel free to publish anything you like! I am under bond and not allowed to have any indirect or direct contact with the person who made the complaint.

    We are keeping the faith in Pocahontas County, fighting the good fight against gov corruption. We expect to bring a judge, a magistrate,a county commissioner, and a sheriff and his crooked deputies down with our action. My arrest was intended to take down my site. We are in suspension at this point and can’t publish!!!

    Let me know if you need my info!
    ETATER.COM The Online Voice of Pocahontas County, WV w/thousands of hits
    6,000 hits in just ONE week. The real Pocahontas County. WV’s most exciting forum. Durbin, Marlinton, etc. Join in our discourse. is a sister product of The Pocahontas Commentator, Pocahontas County’s Worst Newspaper.

    Editors note: It is NOT against the law to tell the truth!! A discussion I recently had with our attorney who has been helping with our federal case against several public officials in Gilmer County – He stated that any case like yours Norman would bring out certain facts in the court record, such as proven misconduct of a public official. The matter becomes court record and then a million questions get asked as to why the complained of public official was not held accountable. The answer is that in these little counties in WV certain individuals have been getting away with murder, and have been doing whatever they want to regardless of the laws. A good example is Gilmer County where they make their own rules! Your situation could actually eventually lead to the arrest of the Crooked public official you speak of. However, the only real answer is to go to a federal agency for help. They are very aware of the misconduct and illegal procedure of the very big fishes in the very small ponds.

    SSPS: I SPOKE WITH OUR ATTORNEY TONIGHT. Our attorney feels that this is exactly what we want! …for you see we are drawing the corrupt officials out in the open and getting maximum mainstream press, and then CA BOOM! Ca Boom is when you have them by the you know what, because you have a mainstream, captive audience and a voice straight to the public to BROADCAST THE CRIMES of the public officials in question -and then the public gets an education to the type of corruption we have to deal with on a daily basis in these small counties in West Virginia, where the men are men and the goats are scared!

    You need to file suit against the county in US District court since the circuit courts in WV are subjected to the same corruption as you have experienced.

    Hit em for at least a million which is not that much money any more. It could be deemed a federal case since your rights to free speech were violated, but “they” twisted the facts like “they” usually do.

    This sounds just like Gilmer County! Good work Norman!! You may get as SS promotion out of this!

  5. We must remember:
    “The only way for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing”
    —Thomas Jefferson
    Posted by GhDR on 08.15 at 07:54 AM

    The pictures were shocking to me as well. But I am glad they were exposed. People need to know the facts about the people who are controlling our children. It is not fair though that the websites get attacked by those who try to control everything. They were same type of pictures on these sites before, but no attempts were made to stop them. I think the issue here is whose pictures they were and not what type of pictures, which in my opinion even makes the matter worse for the parents evolved. Like one person said, parents cannot be irresponsible for what their kids do and then force others from talking about it. Also let’s keep in mind, these sites did not make the porn photos, the girls participated in porn acts. Which one is worse?

    By Beth R. on 08.16.2010

    From the entry: ‘Thanks for Not Speaking Freely’.

    I am in favor of free speech, but honestly, some of these web sites that use foul language should not be allowed to exist. Some of the photographs border on pornography. Free speech does not mean freedom to hurt people who get caught in embarrassing situations by posting pictures of their indiscretions.
    Posted by Rno139 on 08.16 at 12:13 AM

    The great thing about being an American is that you have a choice to go or not to go to those shocking websites. Nobody forced you.
    Posted by SJ88 on 08.16 at 12:26 AM

    I agree about the disgusting scenes and the pictures. I wonder why would anyone pose or allow their pictures taken. Although I think porn pictures made the news less effective, but if they were bad then should not have been allowed to be taken by a camera. Just shutting down a site does not take away the terrible actions we have seen. You cannot just freely do evil acts and then punish the people for talking about it. If it were not because of the disgusting actions by these girls, then their parents would not have to worry about it. Parent need to correct themselves first before attacking others. Parents who think the pictures are ok are definitely not good role models. I noticed some of the sites were shutdown, but new ones started. It did not take much time for to be up. I am wondering whether any attempts been made to shut down and make sure the girls who were candid in their act to stop doing it again? I have heard they are considered as normal acts! If they are normal, then I do not know what normal means.
    Posted by Mildred C.- Arizona on 08.16 at 01:24 AM

    Editors note: The CalPatty Press announced today that they are going to fight their removal, and subpoena the information on all who opposed them, so that they can be exposed. Also it was announced that a possible new site, and all new CalPatty Press (which will be a little more outrageous) is going to be moving to a server in ICELAND that will not take the website down for any reason – and offers immunity to those websites in similar situations as the CalPatty Press. The cost is going to be fairly high, but it was stated recently, that it does matter how much it cost, or how long it takes- the Crooks from Crooked County that live next to the Crooked River are going to be held accountable for their criminal actions, which includes murder and the act of covering up the rather recent murder of Fred Hill.

  6. Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your blog after doing some searches about Fred Hill and the unsolved murder in a crooked county somewhere in West Virginia. The father of Fred Hill is a friend of my dads, and wanted to say that I have very much enjoyed reading your blog posts, they explain a lot about a lawless part of the state. I had always heard how bad it was trying to find Fred when they already knew he was dead. Any way I am going to be subscribing for the feed and I hope you post once again soon, and keep everyone updated, for people did forget just like you said in the article and comments. I hope they find out who killed him some day so the family can have some kind of closure to the severe heartbreak.

    Editors note: Thanks for the comment, unfortunately if I were to say anything to you about an update on what we know, I could get killed for saying it, or jailed. Some people do know, but it is pretty bad timing to even bring it up. The entire courthouse is under investigation. Almost every single employee has been caught up in some kind of records fraud, plus the entire last election was rigged. The current clerk and former clerk have been charged with misdemeanors, but they are both guilty of felony voter fraud. This is the original CalPatty Press story where we already knew Fred was dead by that Sunday, for we had seen it all a time or two in the Ville.
    This article was yanked off the internet in violation of our free speech rights. We had to salvage the article and the comments from google cache files. Some CROOKED ATTORNEYS violated our rights of free speech.

  7. I remember the first day of the search for Fred down by the river. I remember hearing from some of the people that were personal friends of Fred about the CalPatty Press, which previously I paid no mind to prior. I remember reading this article when it was first posted just days, hours, after Fred went missing and was greatly disturbed about reading it, after hearing about it literally on the streets.

    I heard you all were just a bunch of pissed off red neck trouble makers that I should pay no account to, but now they say hindsight is 20/20. I am not an idiot and have moved up in my position by updating my education from time to time. Maybe the general public should take some advice by updating their news sources from time to time, for when I read this article NOW put to the song it all comes clear! The first time it did nothing but piss me off, but now I see it as genius.

    “What an ass,” I can hear someone say, if they were there the present day this article came out and were looking for FRED, and then read what story you all had to tell. For telling is what you did, and you did it by the song, for ….

    The meaning of the Curtis Mayfield song Freddie’s Dead is that Freddie is a misused person which has died and no one bothers.

    Well as it stands, that is exactly the way it is with FRED HILL! NO ONE BOTHERS about it anymore!

    It is just like you said, your story about Fred!

    Editors note: I made a few edits to your comment, just a couple, hope you don’t mind, but while doing so, I got the meaning of just what it is you are trying to say, and yeah being a female may have it’s downsides at times during the fight, for I got a little something in my eye while reading it all. I get what you said. It is not a happy tune to sing.

    The Song which was originally posted with the article is posted in the comment section of this SS article:

    For an update that would be a good one to read today. Hope you enjoy it, for it is one of my creations. Also, this article, “The Original” is 41,300 words with comments, so it may take a week to read it all, since that is the same number of words as a Novella or small novel. But, this data is by far the best and most accurate on the murder of Fred Hill-Fred DID NOT just fall in the River DRUNK- he was let out the back so he would be close to the water and then Fred was put in the river very very dead!!


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