Beverly Marks Crooked County Clerk rigs elections

Gilmer FREE PRESS Publishes Anatomy of a CRIME in a Gilmer County Hell Hole!



In this first document there is clear evidence that the THREE WOOD COUNTY bank accounts totaling over $125,000 recognized in the first accounting with one cd account worth $14,000 dollars were all cashed out by the executrix Rosa Belle Gainer against the express wishes of Albert J Woofter.  As, soon as ALBERT J WOOFTER was dead with the unsigned Power of Attorney paper work on the night stand as they were taking his lifeless body away, Gainer liquidated all the accounts and put it into one bank account where R TERRY BUTCHER her employer had control of the day to day actions. The amount deposited was $73, 352.50.

SO, we have a paper trail that proves that $125,000 was cashed out of three accounts, and only $73,352.50 was deposited in the bank in Glenville where R Terry Butcher is on the board. Another conflict of interest.

Evidence shows that there were three accounts with an excess of $125K and GAINER put it all in one account that the “Benny” only got seven thousand from after Gainer and the B& B Law firm pilfered the estate.

There was no accounting from 1994 until 31 Dec 2006 against WV LAW.  The Butcher and Butcher law firm broke the law and a call was placed to office of VANCE GOLDEN a commissioner in Wood County as to WHY he allowed Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher to break the law and steal money from the estate.

For five years, lawyer after lawyer sent letters to Gainer and Butcher requesting their client have an accounting entitled by law, but the B& B law firm would not take calls and did not respond.

While doing the final accounting Tim Butcher paid himself as much as $10,480 per day, and those documents will be provided in a further publication and some of it has been published in the past, so a Google search may turn up some evidence.

Butcher wanted to make sure that when the account was settled the law firm had already used up the money that was in the bank account which was a situation certainly against the wishes of Albert J Woofter.

Margaret Kreiner, an attorney in Ohio wrote letter after letter stating that they were not adhering to the wishes of the deceased according to the will.  But, the Butchers obviously had Judge FACEMIRE and a few other WV Judges in their pocket, so why should they worry. Kreiner for two years wrote to Gainer asking that Butcher be fired as per wishes of Ruth Woofter and the Guardian. All these letters were ignored by Rosa Belle.

The second document is only shown to establish that according to their own paper work at the Butcher and Butcher law firm, the fact is and was that Rosa Bell Gainer IS NOT A RELATIVE – THEREFORE SHOULD NOT HAVE RECEIVED A PENNY IN THE DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS FROM THE MISSING 1/6th.

Beverly Marks, the Gilmer County Clerk, distributed money to people RUTH WOOFTER had not seen or heard from in over 30 years and many like JACK GAINER the son of Rosa Belle Gainer and Rosa Belle herself were not even related, but money was sent to them anyway.

The GILMER COUNTY SHERIFF METZ not only ignored our documented complaint, but threatened to have me arrested if I were to investigate, “Any more of his people”

When an entire town and county is involved in this kind of crime that was protected by the local state police and Governor Manchin, now a US Senator, really how does one proceed?  Should we follow their lead and take the law into our own hands?





The listed “Benny’s is for the AJ WOOFTER ESTATE and HAD NOTHING to do with the missing 1/6 of surface property that is on the Calhoun/Gilmer County line West of Glenville on highway 5.

It was clearly established by their own paper work from the Butcher & Butcher law firm that ROSA BELLE GAINER now known as Gainer – Cunningham was NOT a relative yet it was GAINER that received CASH for the missing 1/6th and NOT the immediate family, that had been supporting Ruth Woofter and giving her a home to live in, plus paying for medical care and all taxes.

JACK GAINER, Rosa Belle Gainers son also received cash from the sale of the missing 6th and if Rosa Belle is not a relative, then her son is not either.

THE Missing 6th was not controlled by the estate and the guardian for Ruth Woofter lives in OHIO, and so did RUTH WOOFTER and NO DISTRIBUTION of her funds should have been made from the state of WV. Gilmer County was only supposed to approve the sale so she could use the money for medical help.

Tim Butcher and Beverly Marks both committed a crime with a witness present that will testify, when they disobeyed a court order to sell the property for much needed medical care and PULLED THE TITLE from the land books.

Sheriff Metz never had any intention of doing the right thing, instead attempted to cover the matter up with threats.

WHO MADE UP THE LIST OF PEOPLE TO RECEIVE MONEY FROM THE MISSING 1/6th hidden and pulled from the land books? Beverly Marks? If so, she should be immediately arrested, and the Sheriff should be removed from office.

THIS IS A CRIME not only ignored by the SHERIFF as if, the matter did not exist but also ignored by the WV STATE POLICE TOO because the final decision maker, the chief counsel from the State Police is from Glenville and directly tied to IKE MORRIS!

These documents are all evidence of a cover up and Gainer and the Butcher and Butcher law firm STOLE money from honest citizens from out of state and did it with the help of Beverly Marks the County Commission Clerk and the GILMER COUNTY COMMISSION ORDERED IS HEREBY ORDERED TO PAY THE MONEY or be held accountable for being accessories to a crime and civil action with penalties.

Timothy B Butcher had no legal right to interfere with that title, but it also was needed in a WV SUPREME COURT CASE and the result was the complaint NO 178- 2011 filed against Justice Jean Davis who certainly has no explanation as to why only 5/6 of the property in dispute was moved forward from circuit court against the rules of legal procedure.

By this proof alone the family that was supposed to receive funds feels they have enough evidence to have MARKS arrested, but when the matter was brought before the state police they refused to press charges, so the matter went before the counsel for the State Police, Virginia Lanham, and now we have discovered her father was a personal attorney for IKE MORRIS Clearly there is corruption in Gilmer County and the clearly the State Police have acted in an irrational and illegal matter.

In fact the state police tried to press charges federal charges against me for making the complaint.

“When LAW ENFORCEMENT becomes a political entity like the WV State Police then AMERICA can no longer be AMERICA and this seems to be the situation for the state of West Virginia!”

Bill Grottendiecks daughter is Virginia Lanham who was the chief counsel for the state police when I filed my complaint with Major Ingold.

Bill Grottendiecks was IKE MORRIS’ number one attorney for over 20 years.

Lanham was the one that decided if my complaint over the missing 1/6th was accepted.

Major Ingold and Lanham more or less ignored the evidence on the recommendation by Lanham, but by the virtue content of the letter he wrote in response, all of the facts are wrong — so by that evidence alone, their execution of the action, would on the surface appear malicious and in bad faith. But, that’s how they do things when it pertains to Gilmer County West Virginia, the POSTER CHILD for West Virginia’s legal hell!

So the title opinion, and back taxes has not been accepted as a complaint or even acknowledged, officially, by ANY agency in West Virginia, and Ohio law enforcement, and everyone else thinks that is pretty weird, but now that I know LANHAM the chief counsel for the State Police is Bill Grottendiecks daughter, it all makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately the real criminal in this situation is the lawyer LANHAM from Glenville that represented the State Police  as chief counsel and some Gilmer County public officials and of course the County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks.


Marks was written a letter in July asking her to comply on the sudden reappearance of the missing 1/6th:

July 12


I spoke with Judge Spicers office today regarding the 1/6th of surface property in Dekalb owned by Audrey Ruth Woofter my aunt, a piece of property I paid taxes on myself, since my mother has broken her hip and didn’t work. Ruth never worked or held a job and had no income.
I explained to the judge’s office that I had a witness that was present when you called Tim Butcher and asked him what to do. The witness said, that Butcher told you to not do anything with the court order from Spicer.

I am talking to an officer of the court by cell phone as I am writing this to you. Spicer is an old family legal name around here and the judge is retiring at the end of the month. We asked him to take action before he leaves office

You ignored the judge’s court order and my aunt did not get the medical treatment she needed because you shelved the court order on order from Butcher who was city attorney and had nothing to do with this case.

Since you shelved the court order and took no action, my aunt could not get the medical treatment she needed for she needed the money from the sale and she died in Ohio.

The judge’s secretary asked me to file charges in WV and I laughed until I nearly cried, for we tried that and got no response from Metz which they actually did not believe. It was an uncomfortable moment, but I assured them it was true.

I will be back in touch with the judge’s office tomorrow and will be talking to the judge after he is fully briefed to ask him what sort of action should be taken. He was not happy you ignored the order and Audrey Ruth Woofter died on Xmas day.

Also, you took it upon yourself to distribute the funds from the sale after the death to heirs Ruth had not seen in over 30 years or so much as sent her a Xmas card. I reviewed the will and this was not the wishes of Albert J Woofter.

Further, matters were clearly stated in the will.

I explained to all concerned of your connection with Timothy B Butcher who pilfered the estate, and we have a serious issue with that. We have a witness that stated you always conferred with Butcher as, “What to do!?“

What you did was not legal, and we have evidence of you having committed similar acts in the past.

If for some reason any of these facts are incorrect, and/or you dispute the testimony of an eye witness, then I suggest you cooperate fully with authorities. You may want to speak with an attorney, at this time.

I have the list of heirs along with the title opinion that was also absent from the courthouse records when requested. We will ask you how you came by that list, and also why you did not go by the wishes of the Albert J Woofter will which specifically stated that all assets were to go to Ramona Bingman.

Rosa Belle Gainer was not a relative to Audrey Ruth Woofter, but yet we noticed she received money illegally from your transaction. So did her son.

How did she get on your list of heirs? Where did you get the list did you just make it up, who helped you with this alleged criminal action?

Ramona Bingman was the registered legal guardian, and had been for years. This was proven to Butcher ten times over, and it is matter of record here at the courthouse, and clearly it was established as fact today.

You decided to, “Make up your own rules” down there in Glenville, and really isn’t that how you always do it!

Beverly Marks, YOU are to contact me immediately in regard to the MISSING 1/6th which you had no right to sell. You were given an order to sell that property while RUTH WOOFTER was alive and you hid the title instead which is criminal. While waiting for the money from the sale for medical care, RUTH DIED ON CHRISTMAS DAY, and as far as I am concerned you are implicated in a wrongful death and so is everyone that helped you who includes Tim Butcher and Sheriff Metz who attempted to cover up the matter and refused to investigate the allegations.

I spent 15 hours on the paperwork dating back to 1994 recently. I spoke at length with my attorney, who was hired for that purpose of reviewing all the documents, and then he attempted to speak with the Butcher&Butcher Law firm on our behalf, but rarely got any response at all. And then,  when he sent proof of the affidavit that proved who the legal guardian was Dianna L Butcher LIED and said they never received the document, but being of above average intelligence sent the document signed return receipt requested, signed and dated by Dianna L Butcher which proves that she lied to our attorney and got caught.

“But, that’s how you always do it in Gilmer County!”

You need to call your attorney for we are going to be filing criminal charges against you and or bringing civil action in US District Court for compensation and also for punitive damages, unless of course Gilmer County wants to settle this suit. But, we know how they are from years of experience, extremely dishonest just like you Beverly Marks.

It clearly states in earlier paper work that Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham is not a relative, yet you gave her the money from the sale of the property!

You got a court order to sell the property in 2005—but you did not sell it! You pulled the title from the land books like a common thief and you did it on order of Tim Butcher who had nothing to do with that property. What you did is a crime Beverly Marks and you are going to pay for it with as much jail time as we can possibly get you in an honest court, which certainly could never be a Gilmer County Court.

R Bingman was the legal guardian, and all the papers are in order. But YOU BLOCKED the sale until after RUTH DIED when it was her money, but then you abused your position as clerk and gave the money for the property that was not yours to some friends of yours. I would love to discuss this matter with you ASAP – so call me, everyone has my number. I want to see you face to face about this concern as soon as it can be arranged.

Dan Bingman
(Signature on file)

RETURN RECEIPT REQUEST IS in reference to text below:

During the entire time the Butchers were in control of the AJ WOOFTER estate they pulled every dirty trick in the book and just sat back in their big leather chairs and weathered out the storm protected by Judge Facemire and the Elites, and kept saying they had no documentation that R Bingman was the legal guardian of RUTH WOOFTER and her primary care giver and her niece that supported her, and provided her with food clothing and shelter for as long as I can remember.

An attorney from Cleveland and licensed to practice in New York is also a federal attorney and could no longer take the stalling tactics of the Butchers, so for an hourly rate which was rather costly provided all the paper work AGAIN that the Butchers needed to prove who the legal guardian was.

This receipt is signed by Diana L Butcher, but then the estate was held up for almost an entire year after the date on the signed receipt because the Butcher and Butcher law firm said they never received the documents which everyone knew was a complete and total lie. The last day Butcher had control he took more than ten thousand dollars out of the cash account which was three thousand more than the actual beneficiary got and that is just plain a crime. Butcher took 38,000 dollars from the estate in FEE’s he never earned in the last 90 days.

Another attorney by the name of Roger Curry had to be hired at a cost of $10,000 dollars because Butcher refused to cooperate with the out of state attorney, as he did with the four previous attorneys hired.

Rosa Belle Gainer – Cunningham got more than the 3% allowed by law for being an executrix and in some states could have been jailed for being an employee of Butcher and Butcher while being the executrix also, and then just taking more than the 3% allowed. This is a clear conflict and we believe by proven documents that Gainer committed embezzlement and fraud along with Butcher and Butcher and they should be arrested.

All documents are on file at the office of Vance Golden or at my home office, if any person wants verification of facts, I will do all I can to see they get the documents for review.

Why are public officials in Glenville allowed to break the law?

Who believes that R Terry Butcher and Timothy Butcher should be placed under citizen’s arrest, and then immediately and escorted to jail for stealing money from an elderly mentally challenged person as Ruth Woofter.

Audrey Ruth Woofter was my aunt, and myself and my entire family loved her. I can remember her from the early days in WV since I was three years old. The actions in Gilmer County killed her as far as my family is concerned, but please review the facts and draw your own conclusion, and then let’s put these people in jail where they belong.

~~  by Daniel Bingman ~~

The first thing that brings a huge RED FLAG is the fact that Charles V Renner just allowed his secretary to make a transaction and a highly illegal one if I read this correctly.

That is not allowed.

For those from Wood County know Mr Renner never made it out of the hospital, and died right around the time of the document published in this article.

My Uncle was one of the Wood County Commissioners that signed off on the estate.

Anybody that is anybody from Glenville knows that the Butchers made their living by stealing from estates, and if heaven were to release some secrets, this sort of illegal procedure got by the right people time and time again in Gilmer County.

People in the know are aware that some of the money from this estate was supposedly donated to GSC, but it obviously was not theirs to donate.

I vote for immediate arrest, and I think it is time Sheriff Metz resigned. This is just one too many times he has been involved in criminal activity.

By Gilmer County Schools Coalition member on 12.20.2011


All estates B & B have been involved with should be identified and there should be a comprehensive investigation to determine if there was a history of estate pilfering. Also, this GFP posting should be reported to Rachael Cipoletti ( ) at the Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel(ODC)to observe how it deals with a complaint against lawyers. There probably would be a response that there is insufficient evidence, the statute of limitations has passed, misconduct did not rise to a level to merit discipline etc. Why have G. Hough and Metz failed to investigate the alleged crime? Does a citizen have to file charges before they are authorized to act or are they afraid to take on the Butcher’s? We need answers because this report relates to corruption in the County, and there is little wonder why citizens are afraid to take stands when there is evidence that the rich and powerful receive preferential treatment.

By Ralph P. Ayles on 12.20.2011

From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Anatomy of a GILMER COUNTY CRIME – A HELLHOLE‘.


This article needs to be published in the Braxton paper. I have went through the same thing in Sutton court. Facemire should also be prosecuted if he did wrong in this. I had an attorney in Sutton that was dishonest, knew the other side ,went against me{my own attorney}because he did not want to go against other attorneys. This attorney has also practiced with Butchers.If you are honest in Braxton County court your in trouble. They go for the nasty, dishonest, thieves and liars. What a shame!!

By Anonymous on 12.20.2011

From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Anatomy of a GILMER COUNTY CRIME – A HELLHOLE‘.


Once all the research is complete using the documents from Mr. Armontrout, all the criminal activities by the Butcher & Butcher’s as well as Beverly Mark’s office will be revealed for the feds to see. Innocent people have had enough of this group of crooks. Their time is coming.

By WatchDog on 12.20.2011

From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Anatomy of a GILMER COUNTY CRIME – A HELLHOLE‘.


To Ralph,

In reference to: his GFP posting should be reported to Rachael Cipoletti ( ) at the Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) to observe how it deals with a complaint against lawyers…

Cipoletti proved herself to be as corrupt or more corrupt than the worst of the worst in Charleston by not accepting evidence against Gerald B Hough that proved criminal intent and no due diligence used. YOU are CORRECT she would have just made up an excuse and the best article written about such matters was written by our own PHD Carl Armour yesterday. It was right on point with the problems, please review that article.

Carl covered all the pertinent area’s that proves that attorneys in West Virginia are above the law and the stick together to make it all happen.

By Gilmer County Schools Coalition member on 12.20.2011

From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Anatomy of a GILMER COUNTY CRIME – A HELLHOLE‘.



By Hurricane Rina McCoy — Cosmos Communicator Editor

Chief Justice Robin Jean Davis of WV arrogant, and ethical gremlin and a certified moron?

Unfortunately for West Virginians, Robin Jean Davis became a justice on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals in 1996 and remains on the bench as of this writing. Justice Davis’ so-called lawyer husband, Scott Segal is a plaintiff’s lawyer (ambulance chaser) who focuses on mega-lawsuits against deep-pocket corporations, many of which appear to be frivolous to the nth degree.
Since her ascension to the West Virginia Supreme Court, Justice Davis has helped in making West Virginia almost heaven for trial lawyers – including of course her hubby Scott.
Robin and Scott were severely criticized in regards to a case in which the West Virginia Supreme Court ruled that plaintiffs who claimed possible exposure to toxic substances (asbestos, etc.) could collect large sums from corporate defendants for lifetime medical testing. Hey Scotty — would you support free lifetime colonoscopy testing for victims of judicial misfits like your wife Robin, and ambulance chasers like yourself?
Shortly thereafter, Scotty became involved in a lawsuit seeking such medical monitoring on behalf of healthy smokers. Justice Davis dismissed any suggestion that she should have recused (withdrew) herself from the case by noting, “There’s not a personal-injury case that comes before this court that at some point, some time, couldn’t affect my family.”
Now, this is one arrogant simpleton! Apparently, this nitwit is incapable of comprehending the meaning of the term “conflict of interest.” Where does she get off thinking she has a right to judge cases that involve her husband? Since she’s married to this ambulance chaser, we must presume that she shares in any booty (fees) that he collects via court approved extortion of deep pocket defendants.
The Segal Law Firm
This firm was formed on Nov. 6, 1996, when Robin, one of its founders was elected to the Supreme Court.
This celebrated ambulance chasing firm has the chutzpah to claim it was formed “to serve the needs of the working men and women of West Virginia.” This is pure bunk. It was formed to take advantage of Robin’s new position of influence, and to enrich Scotty (Robin gets half as a wife) and the other attorneys while they troll for alleged victims in pursuit of ripping-off deep pocket corporations.
On his website, Scotty has the chutzpah to spin the following hyperbolic (BS): “Few catastrophic injuries are the result of fate. Law, engineering, science and medicine are the tools which we stop the irresponsible.” Hey Scotty Baby, what tools would you personally recommend to prevent Judicial Misfits such as your wife Robin from inflicting on the good citizens of West Virginia? Would an industrial strength inversed chastity belt receive your stamp of approval Scotty?
Chief Justice Robin Jean Davis’ Total Lack of Ethics
It is obvious to this writer that Robin lacks the intellect to appreciate what a “conflict of interest” really is. For this ninny to assert that there isn’t even the “appearance” of a “conflict of interest” when she sits in judgment of cases involving her husband’s financial interests is an unmitigated falsehood and she knows it.
This is akin to believing that there would have been no conflict of interest had the late President of Uganda, Idi Amin been employed to give an honest critique on the rather novel dining habits of Jeffrey Dahmer.

 Complaint Filed with WV Judicial Investigation Commission

Judicial Disciplinary Counsel

Compo No. 178-2011

City Center East, Suite 1200 A
4700 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.
Charleston, West Virginia 25304



Justice Robin Jean Davis who served as CHIEF JUSTICE in September of 2007
(in care of Address is above)

CHIEF JUSTICE Robin Jean Davis brought forth FALSE FACTS that were NOT in the COURT RECORD in her majority opinion filed: October 26, 2007 – My first complaint is that DAVIS only recognized 5/6th of the property. WHY is that 6/6 makes the total property in dispute not 5/6 and that has got many and educated attorney wondering why someone with her authority would even think of signing a document with FALSE FACTS -The l/6th in question has been deemed the missing” l/6th and if you google the “Missing l/6th” you will find many articles on the unlawful acts committed regarding property that my family owned NOT MY UNCLE ROGER RAFFERTY!! (Continued)

Daniel B Bingman 130 Hollywood Ave, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221

TELEPHONE NO. (330) 926-9116
This attached Affidavit must be signed by you before a Notary Public as a part of this complaint. Please mail complaint to the address shown at the top of this page.
Page Two Nature of Complaint Continued

The first question asked by myself and consulting attorneys is didn’t Justice Davis read the court record? She can only go by the court record and she obviously did not bother to read it which makes her extremely irresponsible and certainly NOT WORTHY of serving as a Justice of the Supreme Court.

In her majority opinion DAVIS has me moving old used rusted farm equipment that sat on our farm since 1980 when the court record clearly shows that I NEVER MOVED it or even ever touched the equipment. The equipment was moved by Danny Nub Marks of Bull River Rd in Calhoun County, a state witness in my case who was recently arrested for a DUI at three times the legal limit while in possession of loaded weapons in the car. Shirley Ball another state witness in my case also committed perjury and may be under arrest soon for making false police reports showing once and for all her unsavory and dishonest character. Google Shirley Ball, Millstone Inn and you will come up with several newspaper articles on the matter. Marks did not have permission to move all of the equipment just the brush hog which Gerald Ball who was my former employer was going to fix . If there is no record in the court record why did Davis represent the opinion to the other justices voting on the case. A fact hidden was the fact that Gerald Ball knew me well, and I was employed by him by my god given name Dan Bingman and I have the check stubs to prove it. Gerry offered me help, since our whole shift had just been laid off and I was on unemployment from his company Telecon. I had just signed a contract with CUMULUS BROADCASTING at the time of my arrest and was trying to report to my new radio show when I was arrested on felony charges that were proved to be false.

It is an interesting fact the misdemeanor I was convicted of, I was never charged with against my constitutional rights. If I had been charged with the misdemeanor I was convicted of, it would have been time barred, and Gerald B Hough would not have had a case, and that is why he had Marilyn Matheny LIE ON THE STAND about the value of the 24 year old used rusted farm equipment, so he could charge me with a felony.

Ohio authorities that have looked into the illegal extradition and my case, and have reviewed all the facts, have expressed a concern that Matheny has not been arrested and sent to prison once the evidence that F JOHN OSHOWAY SUPPRESSED was discovered and the evidence brought before the West Virginia state police. When MAJOR INGOLD refused to bring charges a complaint was filed with the US ATTORNEY and the matter was accepted and sent to the special litigations unit.

If there is no record in the court record of me touching or moving the equipment why did Davis represent the opinion to the other justices voting on the case that I moved the equipment from an adjacent 100 acre property not part of the circuit court case, not only mentioned, but definitely not true. That equipment was never on that 100 acres, which was never in the court record so where did she get that information. The 100 acres mentioned was never part of the case at all. It was suggested that DAVIS got that information from Robert Goldberg and his brief to the WVSC. Goldberg said I moved the equipment when I never touched it, so how can these facts be presented when they were not in the court record.
PAGE THREE Nature of Complaint against JUSTICE DAVIS continued.

Do I have to be the one to tell you all that you can only use testimony from the court record in deliberations, not untrue hearsay brought forward by a very irresponsible pompous Asst attorney general like Goldberg? You would think with all that law school DAVIS could comprehend the basics.

In the court record Roanna Rafferty testified to the fact that she owned the l/6th that has been hereby deemed the missing l/6th and I have to ask why that is not in the opinion. I am submitting as evidence testimony from the court record that former Chief Justice Davis obviously did not even bother to read. Included as evidence is testimony from a Roanna Rafferty who HOUGH made the jury believe was a VICTIM. Rafferty was NOT A VICTIM and Hough paid her to lie on the stand. In fact Gerry Hough brought Rafferty all the way from Florida when in actuality she had nothing what so ever to do with the case. I am also submitting as evidence a TITLE OPINION that proves Rafferty had no interest in any of the properties before the court and when Gerald B Hough convinced the jury she was a victim, truly the whole court case was tainted from that point on and should be dismissed. Hough DID NOT use due diligence as evidence fully proves, or do y’all even go by evidence down there at the Supreme court, for by the actions of Justice Davis it appears that you do not. When I recently filed a complaint against Hough all of this evidence was completely ignored. Can you explain why an office that represents the Supreme Court completely ignored this evidence and unlawfully did not accept this evidence or even acknowledge its existence against my constitutional rights? My constitutional rights were violated severely by my own defense counsel when he never informed me of my statute of limitations on a misdemeanor. Oshoway had to know, or he really is an incompetent attorney that has had over 25 complaints filed against him with the office of the ODC and he has not had one reprimand and no judgments against him. I plan on contacting every person that filed a complaint against him and discuss those issues for publication of my latest book; GILMER COUNTY-The POSTER CHILD for West Virginia’s legal hell!

I have documented more misconduct involving corrupt officials in Gilmer County than can even be believed at this point. I find it shocking that attorneys in West Virginia can break the law and have the unlawful acts sanctioned by the circuit courts and the West Virginia Supreme Courts and even the ODC.

I can now prove this nauseating discovery via court record and court documents, along with testimony, and affidavit. In her opinion Justice Davis states “That on his property near his home Roger Rafferty had ..“ IT WAS NOT HIS HOME we had an equal 3/6th shares in the property and this matter was hidden by the jury when the title was actually pulled from the land books. Even more truthfully, it was my home, since I had been living there for more than a year and Ramona Bingman was in control of 3/6th. She also testified to that effect in the court record. It appears to any reasonable person that Justice Davis did not take the time to even read the court record and the result was my entire life and career has been destroyed for her wrongdoing. Davis proved herself to be completely inept.

We were just billed at this address for back taxes for property Chief Justice Davis said in her Majority Opinion that we did not own. That is a serious situation and when brought to the attention of the
Page four Nature of Complaint against JUSTICE DAVIS continued.

Gilmer County Sheriff he threatened to have me, “Picked Up” if I were to investigate any more of, “His people!“

The threatening phone call by Metz was recorded for possible future law action, but all WV law enforcement authorities refused to look into the matter even when the sheriff Metz stated in front of witnesses that just as soon as he see’s Dan Bingman he is going to knock him out. I recently discussed this matter with the regional head of the FBI in my state. Metz is a black belt in Karate which made the matter a deadly threat, but being threatened by attorneys or public officials is widely known as common place now in Gilmer County and supported by the West Virginia ODC and Supreme Court.

Please find the billing for the back taxes included as evidence. The evidence of title opinion and back tax billings should reset the two year statute on the complaint according to a phone meeting with SKIP GARTEN in 2010, since all evidence being presented in this complaint is NEW EVIDENCE that has been discovered since the court case. Also find a CD which was a recording made at Lemon Equipment 18 months before the trial in which the appraiser for Lemon Equipment, John Lemon actually gives the total value of the old used rusted 24 year old farm equipment as $390.00 – Matheny LIED about the value to a grand jury in March of 2003 and told Gilmer County authorities that the equipment had a value of $2498.00 which got me indicted on a GRAND LARCENY charge that turned out to be false. If the JIC is going to condone these types of actions and endorse the misconduct of then Chief Justice Davis, well then the people of West Virginia need to be informed of a possible very corrupt situation in their state.

But what I really want some attention brought to is the matter of the statement in the majority opinion where Davis says I was sent to PRISON for a misdemeanor charge which greatly has affected my 30 year broadcast career since this information is widely available on the internet. Since when are people sent to prison for misdemeanors and why would Davis mention that in official documents.

Davis has brought great harm to myself by not taking facts from the court record and would be advised to read the dissenting opinion authored by Justice Albright and endorsed by Justice Starcher who see the situation the same as i do.
December 7th 2011


Two other justice did not agree with DAVIS when the final decision was made after languishing in the West Virginia Supreme Court all of 2006 and most of 2007.
654 S.E.2d 611

No. 33299 _     State of West Virginia v. Daniel B. Bingman
Albright, Justice, dissenting:

I respectfully dissent from the opinion of the majority of this Court. Indeed, as the majority recognizes, this Court’s decision in State v. Boyd, 209 W.Va. 90, 543 S.E.2d 647 (2000), specifically governs this case. However, in my judgment, Boyd is unabashedly wrong. Prior to Boyd, this Court had declared explicitly as follows:

Where, in a criminal prosecution, a conviction for assault and battery is had under an indictment charging the defendant with the commission of a felony, under Code, 61-2-9, which indictment was not returned within one year after the offense charged in the indictment was committed, the conviction is barred under Code, 61-11-9, and is void. . . .

Syl. Pt. 6, in part, State v. King, 140 W.Va. 362, 84 S.E.2d 313 (1954) (emphasis supplied). The King precept remained steadfast and was applied in State v. Leonard, 209 W.Va. 98, 543 S.E.2d 655 (2000), a decision filed by this Court on the same day Boyd was filed. In Leonard, this Court stated: “Our decision in King joined an overwhelming majority of courts that hold a defendant cannot be convicted of a lesser offense upon a prosecution for a greater crime commenced after the statute has run on the lesser offense.” 209 W.Va. at 101, 543 S.E.2d at 658.

Despite the King assertion that a conviction is void under the identified circumstances, the Boyd decision created an exception which permitted a conviction to stand where the defendant requested an instruction on the lesser-included offense. Specifically, syllabus point three of Boyd provides as follows: “When a defendant is not indicted within one year of the date on which an offense is committed but requests the circuit court to instruct the jury on a time-barred lesser included offense, the defendant by that act waives the statute of limitations defense contained in W.Va.Code § 61-11-9.” (Emphasis supplied). The Boyd Court reasoned that “[t]o hold otherwise would allow defendants to sandbag trial judges by requesting and approving an instruction they know or should know would result in automatic reversal if given.” 209 W.Va. at 94, 543 S.E.2d at 651.

There is merit to that argument regarding legal sandbagging to the extent that the decision to request consideration of a lesser included offense could have been utilized as a trial tactic, with a defendant essentially hedging his bets by seeking the benefit of conviction of a lesser included offense rather than a felony, with the secondary plan to attack the conviction on a statute of limitations claim should the jury take the bait. In that situation, as recognized by Boyd, a defendant would essentially be petitioning for consideration of the lesser included offense and thereafter seeking reversal based upon his own invitation. Therein lies the problem identified in Boyd. The failing in Boyd is not in its identification of the issue but rather in its resolution.

The underlying inconsistency between introducing the possibility of conviction on a lesser included offense and thereafter professing the illegality of the conviction under the statute of limitations has been recognized by a myriad of courts dealing with this situation. In People v. Nunez, 745 N.E.2d 639 (Ill. App. 2001), for instance, the court observed that “asking the trial court to consider a lesser included offense might generally be considered a trial tactic[.]” 745 N.E.2d at 646. However, “when that tactic includes a decision to waive the statute of limitations, the record should reflect that the defendant consulted with defense counsel about the decision to waive the statute of limitations and agreed to the waiver.” Id.

[W]hen the statute of limitations has expired on that lesser included offense, the trial court may find defendant guilty of that lesser included offense only when the decision to submit the lesser included offense to the trial judge for consideration and thereby waive the statute of limitations is a product of the defendant’s informed consent. The right to waive the statute of limitations is the defendant’s right.

Id. (emphasis supplied).

This same principle was acknowledged in People v. Brocksmith, 604 N.E.2d 1059 (Ill. App. 1992). “While the proffering of jury instructions might generally be considered a trial tactic, when that decision includes a decision whether to waive a statute of limitation, the defendant must be consulted.” 604 N.E.2d at 1066. The Brocksmith court specified that “[t]he right to waive the statute belongs to the defendant and should not be assumed from the action of counsel in this situation.” Id. (emphasis supplied). An additional element in Brocksmith was the recognition that the act of waiving the protections of the statute of limitations “cannot be considered a sound trial tactic when defense counsel admittedly did not know that the period had expired. He cannot make a reasoned decision without knowing the facts. Nor can the defendant be deemed to have made a knowing waiver of the period.” Id. The Brocksmith court concluded its analysis with the assertion that “under these facts, defendant was denied his constitutional right to effective assistance of counsel.” Id.

In Cowan v. Superior Court, 926 P.2d 438 (Cal. 1996), the California court generated a comprehensive discussion of the intricacies inherent in this issue. The court initiated its analysis by examining the critical difference between waiver and forfeiture. “Over the years, cases have used the word loosely to describe two related, but distinct, concepts: (1) losing a right by failing to assert it, more precisely called forfeiture; and (2) intentionally relinquishing a known right. ‘[T]he terms “waiver” and “forfeiture” have long been used interchangeably.‘” 926 P.2d at 440. In the instance of the loss of the right to assert the statute of limitations, the correct principle was held to be waiver, rather than forfeiture. (See footnote 1)

To remove oneself from the protection of the statute of limitations, one must intentionally relinquish a known right. In Cowan, the court observed that the prosecutor was “concerned that if petitioner pleads guilty, he can later challenge the conviction in a habeas corpus petition and assert the statute of limitations.” 926 P.2d 443. The court replied that such “concern is understandable,” but that its “holding should obviate that concern. A person who waives the statute of limitations, as petitioner seeks to do here, may not later attack the conviction on the basis of that statute of limitations.” Id. The crucial issue is how the statute of limitations is waived. In that vein, the Cowan court proposed as follows:

To avoid the problem that arose in this case, we remind trial courts and prosecutors that whenever a defendant seeks to plead guilty to, or a court considers whether to instruct the jury on, a lesser offense, they should determine whether there may be a problem with the statute of limitations regarding that offense. If so, the court should elicit a waiver of the statute as a condition of the guilty plea or giving the instruction. This should be an easy process. The record need merely reflect in some fashion that the defendant is aware that the offense is, or might be, time-barred, and the defendant has waived the statute of limitations.

Id. at 443-44. Quite simply, “[t]he court need merely inform the defendant in some fashion that the charge is, or may be, time-barred, and elicit a simple waiver of the bar.” Id. at 441.

In a concurrence in Cowan, Justice Baxter further elucidated the discussion by agreeing with the majority’s “conclusion that a defendant ought to be able to waive the statute of limitations and, with the prosecutor’s consent, plead guilty to a time-barred lesser offense where the waiver is knowing, intelligent, and voluntary, is made for the defendant’s benefit and after consultation with counsel,” subject to the limitations of the majority opinion, and where the waiver does not handicap the defense of contravene a public policy. Id. at 444, Baxter, J., concurring.

In another concurrence, Justice Chin observed that “[t]o allow defendants to lose the protection of the limitation accidentally could mean that persons could languish in prison under judgments that could not have occurred had they merely thought of the statute of limitations in time.” Id. at 445, Chin, J., concurring (emphasis supplied).

In addition to being fair, requiring an express waiver of the statute of limitations makes practical sense. Unlike a forfeiture rule, which would imply a waiver on a silent record, requiring an express waiver would ensure a fully developed record. When a defendant seeks to plead guilty to, or have the court instruct on, a time-barred offense, the court, with the assistance of the prosecutor, should take a simple waiver. That way the record is protected. A defendant who expressly waives the statute of limitations cannot later claim he did not know of it. The forfeiture rule would leave the record undeveloped. Whenever the defendant was represented, i.e., most of the time, the defendant could later claim he did not receive effective assistance of counsel, a claim which would be plausible most of the time, meritorious much of the time, and difficult to disprove all the time.

Id. The concurrence recognized the very likely potential for an ineffective assistance of counsel claim and the ability, if not responsibility, of a court to avoid that probable result by straightforward action during the early stages of the proceedings.

If a represented defendant pleads guilty to a time barred offense and thereby forfeits the statute of limitations, but later claims counsel was ineffective, on what basis could a court deny relief? Suppose the defendant requests and receives an instruction of a time barred lesser offense and is convicted of the lesser offense. Later he files a petition for writ of habeas corpus, claiming his attorney never discussed the statute of limitations with him, and if he had known the lesser offense was time-barred, he would never have agreed to requesting the instruction. When the record is silent, the claim would be credible. It would have to be litigated and would often be found meritorious. On the other hand, a simple waiver on the record would settle the matter.

Id. at 445-46. The concurrence explained that “a forfeiture rule would lead inevitably to the development of an entirely new jurisprudence. . . . A new subspecialty of ineffective assistance of counsel claims would arise. That development would be neither desirable nor necessary. The simple expedient of taking a waiver will avoid the problem. A silent record aids no one.” Id. at 446.

An identical conclusion was reached in State v. Kerby, 156 P.3d 704 (N.M. 2007), wherein the New Mexico court held: “Based on our review of the various approaches, we hereby adopt the waiver approach and hold that the statute of limitations is a substantive right that may only be waived by a defendant after consultation with counsel, and only if the waiver is knowing, intelligent, and voluntary.” 156 P.3d at 709. The Kerby court rejected the forfeiture approach not only because the protection should not be unintentionally lost but also because the forfeiture rule is “an exercise in futility.” People v. Williams, 981 P.2d 42, 45 (Cal. 1999). As the Williams court explained:

Defendants would usually gain indirectly by claiming ineffective assistance of counsel what a forfeiture rule would prevent them from gaining directly. A forfeiture rule would merely add a step to the litigation. Only those who admitted their guilt right away and did not request an attorney could never gain relief.

The Kerby court reasoned that “if we adopted the forfeiture rule in the instant case, Defendant would have a compelling ineffective assistance of counsel claim because he would not have been convicted but for his attorney’s failure to raise the statute of limitations defense.” 156 P.3d at 710.

In jurisdictions with a forfeiture rule, in numerous cases involving similar facts, courts have granted post-conviction relief outright on the basis of ineffective assistance of counsel or have remanded for an evidentiary hearing on the issue. Thus, if we adopted the forfeiture rule, we would expend judicial (and executive) resources addressing Defendant’s ineffective assistance of counsel claim and ultimately delay the inevitable vacating of Defendant’s convictions.

Id. (Citations omitted.) The attorney for the defendant in Kerby admitted that he failed to consult with the defendant about the statute of limitations because he did not recognize the issue. The court found that the defendant “did not knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily waive this defense after consulting with his counsel” and vacated the defendant’s convictions. Id.

The United States Supreme Court addressed this issue in Spaziano v. Florida, 468 U.S. 447 (1984), and held that a defendant in a capital case may be required to waive the statute of limitations as a condition to having the trial court instruct the jury on a lesser included offense. The Court grappled with the issue of whether a defendant is entitled to the benefit of both a lesser included offense instruction and the defense of an expired period of limitations. The Court explained:

If the jury is not to be tricked into thinking that there is a range of offenses for which the defendant may be held accountable, then the question is whether Beck [v. Alabama, 447 U.S. 625 (1980)] requires that a lesser included offense instruction be given, with the defendant being forced to waive the expired statute of limitations on those offenses, or whether the defendant should be given a choice between having the benefit of the lesser included offense instruction or asserting the statute of limitations on the lesser included offenses. We think the better option is that the defendant be given the choice.

Id. at 456. “In this case, petitioner was given a choice whether to waive the statute of limitations on the lesser offenses included in capital murder. He knowingly chose not to do so.” Id. at 457. The trial court has explicitly detailed the statute of limitations issue directly to the petitioner, asking if he understood the ramifications of his decision, as follows:

THE COURT: Do you understand that while the statute of limitations has run on the Court submitting to the jury lesser included verdicts representing the charges of second-degree murder and third-degree murder, manslaughter, that you who has the benefit of the statute of limitations can waive that benefit and, of course _ and then have the Court submit the case to the jury on the first-degree, second-degree, third-degree and manslaughter.

If you don’t waive the statute of limitations, then the Court would submit to the jury only on the one charge, the main charge, which is murder in the first degree, and the sentencing alternatives are as [defense counsel] stated them. Do you understand that?

MR. SPAZIANO: Yes, your Honor.
Id. at 457 n. 6. The Supreme Court found that, under those circumstances where the defendant understood the consequences of his actions and refused to waive the statute of limitations, the trial court did not err in refusing to instruct the jury on the lesser included offenses.

The Boyd declaration, and consequently the conclusion of the majority herein, is contrary to the reasoned methodology employed by courts addressing this critical criminal right. Boyd dictates that the very act of seeking the lesser included instruction is a forfeiture of the rights afforded to a defendant under the applicable statute of limitations. End of inquiry. This restricted view fails to acknowledge that the protections afforded by the statute of limitations in this instance should not be deemed to have been abandoned in the absence of a knowing, voluntary, and intelligent waiver. Moreover, the ramifications of the application of the narrow Boyd rule conflict with the basic concepts of judicial economy. As recognized by several cases above, the potential for ineffective assistance of counsel claims is overwhelming where the Boyd rule is applied. Without the informed consent of the defendant, counsel’s decision either for or against waiver could ultimately result in a claim of legal malpractice. The predictions of the Williams court, examined above, would then come to fruition, and the forfeiture approach would properly be viewed as “an exercise in futility” which simply and unnecessarily “add[s] a step to the litigation.” 981 P.2d at 45. Whether viewed from the broad perspective of the fundamental rights of a criminal defendant or the more narrow determination of effective judicial management, the rule adopted by Boyd is defective. I therefore respectfully dissent from the application of the Boyd rule in this case, and I would reverse the Appellant’s conviction.

I am authorized to state that Justice Starcher joins in this dissenting opinion.


Footnote: 1
See Potesta v. U.S. Fidelity & Guar. Co., 202 W.Va. 308, 315, 504 S.E.2d 135, 142 (1998) (identifying components of establishment of waiver, including demonstrating that party has intentionally relinquished known right.); Hoffman v. Wheeling Sav. & Loan Assn., 133 W.Va. 694, 713, 57 S.E.2d 725, 735 (1950) (“ ‘A waiver of legal rights will not be implied except upon clear and unmistakable proof of an intention to waive such rights.‘ ” (Citation omitted)). Hoffman also instructs that “[t]he burden of proof to establish waiver is on the party claiming the benefit of such waiver, and is never presumed.” (Citation omitted); see also Dye v. Pennsylvania Cas. Co., 128 W.Va. 112, 118, 35 S.E.2d 865, 868 (1945).

GFP – 12.07.2011
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~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

Several different Gilmer County public officials, but especially Gerry Hough committed crimes,to cover up the facts of this case and all should be held accountable, and here it is all in black and white.

By Conservative Citizen  on  12.07.2011

Don’t expect the WV State Bar to do anything with a complaint against a lawyer unless there has been wide press coverage to make it impossible to sweep the issue under the rug. The Bar protects its own like any group empowered to self-regulate. A lawyer can plunder an estate, lie, cheat, steal, over-bill for work, bill for work which was not done or was unnecessary, and nothing will be done about it by the Bar. Not all WV lawyers are dishonest, but we have too many who will do anything to line their pockets. If we want to move WV ahead with its legal system we should adopt what was done in Iowa, Kentucky, and Connecticut( with their lawyer discipline systems. I bet that without too much effort we could cite examples of how lawyers close to home have ripped off helpless citizens.

By Hap Foster, Wood County  on  12.07.2011


When comments such as yours are submitted, and is shared with the many readers of the GFP the whole system WORKS.

And if we want to EXPOSE a GOOD EXAMPLE of: A lawyer can plunder an estate, lie, cheat, steal, over-bill for work, bill for work which was not done or was unnecessary, and nothing will be done about it by the Bar…

We have to look no further than the Butcher and Butcher law firm and the AJ WOOFTER ESTATE & Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham their dishonest employee that was CAUGHT back dating checks to give the appearance of compliance.

We can prove wrongdoing six ways to Sunday and when we delivered box after box with hundreds documents to Bill Martins office….it was burned down shortly thereafter.

I remember that day well because it was hundreds of pages of documents and I bought Bills secretary Lisa flowers and really went all out for all the hard work they did.

I have been talking to reporters trying to get National Press. What I was told about the WV JIC was…

“If you think the office of disciplinary counsel is corrupt, you haven’t seen anything yet; the Judicial Investigation Commission is the most corrupt agency down there in Charleston!“

I believe that man will prove to be 100% correct.

By TO HAP  on  12.07.2011

They’re all spies down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy-Central WV SS/Editor Edison – Cal Patty Press Editor with music and color

I awake to find no peace of mind

When the dead body of FRED HILL they did find

I said, how do you live as a fugitive like a member of the SS

Down here where I cannot see so clear,

But that Casey Smith certainly seems queer

You ask what do I know

The State Police just say…

“Hey JOE!” Where ya goin with that gun

Show me the right way to go.

I just don’t know, but the VILLE is an EVIL THRILL!

The elite think evil is fun so they gotta run…

And the spies came out of the water down by the Crooked River

You’re feeling so bad ’cause you know that they killed yet another

Just like the other

That’s why the spies hide in every corner

With the SS man a chief mourner   …at the memorial

But you can’t touch them no way their big dogs say

Or you will be eaten straight away

‘Cause they’re all spies

For in the tallest mountains the Ghost Wolf is still free

They’re all spies down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River

They’re all spies

I awake to see that no one is free but blood still drips from thee

Black cats and midnight tales bring Crystal Metz all too close to the unsolved murder of Fred Hill given the fact she was there and became annoyed by Fred when he pinched her ass and some said she vowed revenge right then and there. Then, just after the midnight hour a short time later Fred disappeared directly into the Crooked River behind the bar where he was drinking with a co-worker that night.

Because we are all spies
We’re all fugitives from the elite
Look at the way we give

And look at the way they live
Down here, some cannot sleep from fear, No!

But no fear they say is the SS way
I said, which way do I turn when I learn that everything is corrupt

We can not go belly up when they’re all spies
Oh, I forget everything but I remember a lot, because I am all spy

Those Crooks come down from the Hill down by the Crooked River

The Spies came all the way from the sea
But you’re feeling so bad cause ya know you ain’t free
Though spies hide out in every corner
But you can’t touch them, no, you can only see
The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds secrets

Cause they’re all spies


FRED IS DEAD ...just like the CalPatty Press said, a long time ago!

Here is something to think about GILMER COUNTY!

By Freebird/RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS and the Concerned Citizens Free Press


There are only 88 students registered at 200 High Street GSC.  No out of state person is eligible to vote other than their state absentee if they live off campus.  They must be domiciled in the dorm.  Remember how they kept saying how great the registration was from the college.  Bull,  so I am questioning 470 registered voters reported by the clerks office.  Did we miss those people on the census?  No!  Are all of them of the age to vote even if we did?  No.  Something is wrong.  The number of registered voters exceeds even the broadest definition of possible voters eligible by 470 votes.(counting any and all residents) 


Earl Ray Tomblin Democrat 696 51.79%
Bill Maloney Republican 534 39.73%
Bob Henry Baber Mountain 107 7.96%
Marla Dee Ingels Independent 5 0.37%
Harry V. Bertram American Third Position 2 0.15%
Write Ins 0 0.00%
Unofficial Results Total Votes: 1,344
Registered Voters Gilmer County Population Statistics
3145 Democrat
930 Republican 8693 2010 census Gilmer County
                         121 Independent -1746 fci glmer inmates Can’t vote
10 Libertarian -152 fci camp inmates Can’t vote
8 Mountain -1721 2009 students GSC Low # vote
473 No Party -945 Total County schools enrollment (very few eligible)
4687 Total Registered 4129 Gilmer Regular Residents remaining After adjusting out FCI and Students
4687 Registered Voters Total
Adjusted out total census remaining residents
               558 Are they students?
Per  SOS 88 Students @ GSC  -88

Registered at 200 High Street, Living on Campus                 470

Can we believe that 470 high school seniors who were 18 before the election were registered as eligible to vote ?   A very high number for possible eligible at the high school would be generous at 8 (one or less is more likely).   We have not been provided the number of Democrat and Republican Ballots voted by Party and non-party registration data for a very long time.  Why is this?  This bit of public information is very relevant to candidates, their supporters and the voters in general.  It is foolish to believe that every non student resident of Gilmer County that would have been missed during the census would be a registered voter.  The registered voter is usually quick to respond to census questionnaires.  Who are these 470 and how do they vote?  Did they have missed this many adults during the census amd is it even possible that they would all be registered voters? It is not very likely and something to think about..  It is hard to believe  that in a County so dedicated to its political beliefs there are 473 voters of no party affiliation.  473 versus 470, maybe just a coincidence but it seems a reasonable question. Certainly these invisible people and their ballots represent votes. The numbers are disturbing and statistics in Gilmer County do not change significantly year to year.



Hi it’s me Rina with an update on corruption provided by the Gilmer Free Press!

As you know the GFP broke this story on the 18th of November 2010, when everyone at the courthouse on the hill was a saying everything was just a big mistakes and  “… This is how we always do it!”

Of course a federal judge mentioned that the customary way of doing things in Gilmer County in this instance directly conflicted the law!!

A citizens of Gilmer County recently asked….

Is anyone tracking progress with the Gilmer Housing Partners lawsuit?

Yes we are, just so you know, but to those just tuning in, and getting a piece of our bandwidth here is more about the Crooked County way of the Crooked County Crooks that live down by the Crooked River!!


G-FYI™: Trial Scheduled for Previous Gilmer County Clerk’s Wrongdoing

imageAccording to the document below a trial is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 8:30 AM in the United Stated Federal Court in Clarksburg, WV.
The trial is for the Civil Action No. 1:10CV39:


NEW HORIZON HOME SALES, INC., a West Virginia corporation,

GILMER HOUSING PARTNERS, LLC, a West Virginia limited liability company,

and SUMMIT COMMUNITY BANK, a West Virginia corporation, Defendants,
SUMMIT COMMUNITY BANK, a West Virginia corporation, Third-Party Plaintiff,



Click BELOW for a Printable Copy of the Court Documents:

Court Document # 1

Court Document # 2

Court Document # 3

The documents chronicle another example of need for sorely needed change in Gilmer County. Dr. Peter Barr is the sole incorporator and the manager of the Gilmer County Housing Partners which is one of the defendants. It is time for Dr. Barr to move on and Tim Butcher, Esquire should resign from GSC’s Board of Governors because he and his brother Terry are trustees involved with the botched land deal. When questions arise about appointments to GSC’s Board the defensive response is that Governor Manchin appointed them. The truth is that the Governor rubber stamped recommendations originating from GSC. Individuals named to GSC’s Board are ones certified locally to be stalwarts for maintenance of the status quo. Should anyone question how Board members are named they are invited to call officials at the West Virginia Higher Policy Commission to inquire about the process.  Central West Virginia deserve better than what we are getting to merit need for a thorough spring house cleaning at GSC.

Comment by Anonymous  on  04.12  at  10:56 AM


Oddly enough, Jack D. Jones of Pipestem, WV, owner of New Horizon Home Sales Inc and New Horizon Auto Sales in WV was not unfamiliar with either business schemes for a quick profit or unknowing of Gilmer County influences before he bought into the River’s View development project.

Over the years he was Officer and Registered Agent along with Sue Ellen Jones for at least eight separate ventures from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida which included:

»  Hanley Builders, Inc.

»  Mortgage Masters Inc.

»  Gold Coast Investments

»  Bahama Enterprises Limited Inc

»  Gold Coast Auto Sales Center Inc.

»  Perma-Nails Inc.

»  American Cellular Sales & Service Inc.

»  Professional Assessment Support Sys Inc.

All of the above are now dissolved for voluntary or involuntary cause prior to his West Virginia Corporations created in 2005.  Both of those are now defunct.

His neighbor about 2 ½  hours away at the same time was ILM in Naples.

Registered owner/Agent/Manager or Director who eventually brought his current operations manager Marc Monteleone into the mix of:

»  The Club Estates LLC

»  The Club Estates Realty of Naples Inc.

»  Naples Club Estates Homeowners Association Inc.

Do you think they would have any use for a builder or a mortgage company or two?

Hey Marc, are you affiliated with Bowles & Rice?  Just asking.

Now let’s go from Florida to sunny South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach, where everyone who is anyone in Gilmer County meets and greets in the summertime.

Isn’t that where Larry Chapman and Brian Kennedy were taken with their best girls a couple of years ago as a reward for such hard work?

Who do we find there?

Well, we have three people that originated out of Conway, South Carolina and owned real estate in Myrtle Beach all winding up at Glenville State College.

All from the same place and arriving at the same time were:

Peter B. Barr- President of GSC Previous Employment Coastal Carolina University,et al.

Manager/Organizer for Gilmer Housing Partners, President of GSC Housing Corp, etc.

Elizabeth K Barr – First Lady of GSC and avid fan of IL Morris and his money

Janice Cannan Weldon –South Carolina Attorney, Student Coastal Carolina University

I wonder if that’s where they found Larry Porter?  Just asking!

Note that good ole Dr Barr had another interest or two.

He owned Barr Holdings LLC while living in North Myrtle Beach and was also employed by Burroughs & Chapin Company which is deep in Myrtle Beach real estate development.

A fine prospect for a husband, huh Liz?
Was he a widower?

Don’t know that his heart was really into anything else but it makes him a fine candidate for GSC purposes.

No wonder Coastal let him go so easily.  Just ask the trustees Butcher & Butcher of Gilmer Housing Partners.  He was the right man for the job!  Had the right mind set to just play ball.

Now what to do with a lawyer?

And not a very good lawyer per the South Carolina Supreme Courts per curiam opinion which dismissed her case as improvidently (do look that up) granted back in 2004.
Having no precedential value or any other value as far as we can tell but to spend someone’s money and take up the Court’s time.

What kind of job do we give Janice whose Weldon and Cannan LLC in Conway hasn’t filed an annual report since 2003?

Well, I mean, she is a close friend of the Barrs being out of Conway, going to the same school and all and this is Gilmer County.

I know, we’ll create a research department and let the Gilmer County County Commission President call her a grant writer!

I mean after all she’s a lawyer.  She can only practice in South Carolina but who cares.  No one around here knows the difference. She’s a lawyer damn it! Throw $30,000 at her for nothing and along with her salary from GSC she’ll do just fine.

There’s a lot more questioned to be answered about alliances up at the college that go back a long way and bring up some interesting questions about local names but we have enough to think about for now:

I know this, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE when it comes to deceiving Gilmer County.

Comment by Anonymous  on  04.12  at  12:09 PM

The former Clerk Beverly Marks needs to be held accountable for following the orders of Timothy Butcher and throwing away and discarding a court order.

That action led to the wrongful death of Ruth Woofter and the Gilmer County Sheriff has attempted to cover up this matter by ignoring the criminal complaint.

Why is Sheriff Metz ignoring the criminal complaint?

Is it to cover up for GERALD B HOUGH not using due diligence in the fact that he hid this same one sixth when it was being sought by the circuit court and WV Supreme Court!

Now we hear Bob Minigh backs this misconduct and we are shocked and surprised that he would support such a criminal endeavor!!

Does Bob Minigh just back the people accused of the criminal actions?

Or does Bob back the crime?

I want to hear from our own magistrate on this one. Speak up Bob we want to hear this from you!

Comment by Citizens of Gilmer County  on  04.12  at  01:24 PM

Is anyone tracking progress with the Gilmer Housing Partners lawsuit? There are two more of them the College is involved with, right? One deals with a land dispute at the new dorm site and the second involves a lawsuit against the American Baptist Church. If any of this is wrong please make corrections Dr. Barr.

Comment by GSC Tracker  on  09.05  at  08:36 AM

A RECENT HISTORY of Public Records Fraud – Election Fraud and gross misconduct in CROOKED COUNTY!!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator-Editor

This is the article that led to many mainstream articles involving the misconduct of the County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks, along with the newly elected republican Jean Butcher.

Many of us feel that Jean Butcher is directly connected to felony election fraud along with Gerald B Hough and Beverly Marks, and hopefully these facts can be proven, but the felony evidence has already been compromised by the Secretary of State Natalie Tennant who we feel is actively involving in a coverup of the wrongdoing in Gilmer County.

After this article was written, as hard as it was to believe the facts all proved to be true and 47 legal documents were also published on the internet to back up the facts and to prove the court record.

In March of 2011,  the Butcher and Butcher law firm who partially made up the entity known as Gilmer Housing Partners were ordered to pay $ 340,000 in damages by a federal judge.

After this article was published, many more followed by mainstream news outlets, but the FREE PRESS BROKE THIS BIG STORY so Here it is!!

CommunityConcerns™: Public Records Fraud? Election Fraud? In Gilmer County?!


The lawsuit over the lien has been filed against the Gilmer County Clerk in the Federal Court in Clarksburg, WV.


For many months the Gilmer Free Press readers have been asking why we stopped publishing the public information from the office of Gilmer County Clerk.

As we have communicated with all of you over and over, we have been unable to obtain the information from this office.

We have many times communicated, asked, and begged for the information that we were once able to get and strangely all of a sudden stopped.

Our requests on your behalf have been ignored by this office without any explanation.

Our information from several reliable sources indicates the office stopped the availability of information for publication at the request of two local attorneys.

We have apologized to you privately for not being able to get the information, we like to apologize publicly for not being able to publish what is supposed to be public information.

In our opinion, it is sad how a few in the county have been trying to control the media and the public officials who are paid by citizens of our county.

Over times, we have received many concerns from the citizens of Gilmer County about some illegal practices in the County Clerk’s office.

We have been shown documents which prove the records had been changed in this office without any public knowledge to cater specific clients.

Currently, the County Clerk’s office and the County Clerk are facing lawsuits for not showing liens against a property to a finance company, as well as election fraud in the recent election.

The individual concerns have been summed up below by one writer. If you feel your concerns are missing in this, please let us know and we will publish it separate.

We have confirmed this information as best we could.

We have been trying to find out the property in question, but unable to get any information from those involved.

We contacted the Clerk of Gilmer County for any information on these matters. She responded indicating she could not make any comments for publication.

Our attempt to contact the attorney involved in this matter was unsuccessful.

Since The Gilmer Free Press is the platform for the citizens and by the citizens, Citizens have spoken… We checked the Validity of Concerns… Therefore, we are reporting …. and… You decide……
Community Concerns:

To answer the community concerns regarding the allegations of wrong doing at the Gilmer County Courthouse involving deeds and titles, I have gathered some facts to further reveal what I consider to be corrupt and criminal behavior.

To clear up the matter on the illegal activity and the liens involving Beverly Marks County Clerk, there is a matter currently involving a possible civil action in the amount of 150,000 dollars. The specific amount will be revealed when the documents are filed with the court, but rumor has it that $500,000 may be sought for punitive damages involving a case in which a lien was not recorded, possibly for the purpose of using the property for collateral for a loan.

The reason the lien was not recorded has not yet been made clear, or verified, but the fact that the lien was not entered into record has been confirmed!

Investigations have brought out into the open certain facts that bring back memories of long hours at the fiduciary commissioner office of Vance Golden and allegations of wrong doing involving the AJ Woofter estate. In fact, the déjà vu was so strong that I gave Judy a call down in Parkersburg in Golden’s office to refresh my memory on the actual facts. I was reminded that after several visits to the office to complain, I discovered NO ACCOUNTING was done in 12 years on the AJ Woofter estate when they are required annually, and that finally an accounting was done and finalized in 2007, but that the accounting was sent to the wrong address. No answer was given for the fact that it was sent to the wrong address, but we expect it was done on purpose. So, after five years of begging and pleading and letter writing to get an accounting done, and after the AJ Woofter estate accounting was 12 years overdue, by law, finally when it was ready to send out, the long sought after accounting was sent to an address nobody ever heard of.

After all those years and all those complaints from lawyers, FIVE different attorneys and THREE from out of state, and letter after letter to Tim Butcher and Rosa Belle Gainer to request an accounting be done, it was lost. We asked that Butcher be fired years prior to this incident, and that also we felt it was a conflict that the executrix of the estate (Gainer) was an employee of the law firm of Butcher and Butcher. The letters from five different attorneys (all paid a fee) were ignored for five years, and no reply by Butcher until I hired an attorney by the name of Roger Curry from Fairmont at a cost of $10,000. He was forced to raise his voice with Butcher and said a word I cannot share with you to even get the paper work in motion. Butcher more or less was given an, “Or else,” by an attorney that once served on the Lawyer Disciplinary Board (Curry) and also had served as an accountant and a CPA before becoming a lawyer. I finally hired the right attorney!

Obviously Tim Butcher was above the laws of West Virginia and Vance Golden’s office was asked once again this afternoon [11.17.10] why Butcher was allowed to violate rules and procedures. Butcher paid himself $10,850 as a fee the last day he had the estate.

Butcher took over 38,000 out of the estate the last 120 days he had control of the estate.

We tried for years to get the AJ Woofter Estate money away from the law firm of Butcher and Butcher, since Timothy B Butcher was two years late with interest payments and Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham was caught back-dating checks to give the appearance that they were following all the rules.

The back-dating checks incident by Gainer is documented and she was read the riot act about the incident by Margaret H. Kreiner an attorney that knew what Rosa Belle Gainer was up to and made accusations of embezzlement.  A complaint was made to the Gilmer County Sheriff, but no action was taken by Sheriff Metz. No consequence for Butcher and none for Gainer-Cunningham and that will need to be explained at a later date, I predict. Now it has been determined that Gainer received more than the 3% fee allowed for an executrix by state law.

All of these documented facts are leading up to the point I am trying to make. That point is Tim Butcher can just make things up and has really come across with some whopper of excuses as to why all of his ducks were not in a row. My favorite was Butcher stated in a letter to Roger Curry in the summer of 2006 that he had not had time to get to the AJ Woofter estate accounting because he had to travel around to take his daughter Mary Catherine Butcher to her soft-ball games. That excuse really spun my head around!

The look on my face must have been the exact look my German Shepherd gets when the command is not quite clear, you know, the slight turning of the head to one side with the look that says….huh?  …come again? I was left with a look on my face not unlike a killer guard dog that was confused about the message, and guard dogs are rarely confused.

Norma Hurley a Gilmer County employee had a similar look on her face as mine, from what I understand due to some recent incidents that have happened up on the hill at the Gilmer County Courthouse. A recent incident has not only led to her resignation, but allegations of voter fraud have also been made.

“Voter Fraud?” Now how does this relate to the Butcher and Beverly Marks chatter and a lien not being recorded and a possible civil suit? I am glad you asked!  Norma Hurly ran for the office of County Clerk as a democrat, but was defeated in the primary election.

Then, later, around election time just a short time ago, Beverly Marks requested the help of a County office worker by the name of Debbie Allen to change her political party affiliation from democrat to independent so that she could legally help with the election. (or the rigging of the election)

By her own account as it was related to this reporter, Hurley witnessed some wrongdoing in regard to illegal procedure in the area secured for voting. Norma saw with her own eyes actions that could possibly be deemed unlawful and certainly in need of further investigation.

A very serious allegation has been made in regard to voting procedure and policy.

Hurley, a bookkeeper, noticed that Beverly Marks ordered extra recording modules for the IVO machines, two of them, and further, that they were declared missing for awhile, but then mysteriously showed up later on election night.  Imagine that that is so, “Gilmer County!”

An eyewitness account of the matter confirms the fact that Marks refused in this instance to report the outcome of votes precinct by precinct, as had been done in years prior.

This behavior by the County Clerk Beverly Marks is more than suspicious, it could possibly be criminal. The facts revealed that Marks gave some sub totals here and there, but no reports as had been part of normal procedure in prior years were made available to the public or the press.

Many concerned citizens of Gilmer County are now of the belief that the Gilmer County elections were rigged by the IVO-electronic machines and extra readers!

After witnessing all of this wrongdoing Norma Hurley quit that night! Norma tossed in the towel after a long service because she could no longer witness corruption and unlawful actions in the Gilmer County Courthouse.

It is suspected by many that a conspiracy exists between Tim Butcher and Beverly Marks that could include covering for prior wrongdoing. It is said that Tim Butcher has a copy of the index of all the Gilmer County titles and deeds in his office. If this is true, then certainly that is a highly illegal act since Butcher is not an elected public official or County Clerk.

It has been reported that Gerald Hough met with the County Clerk Beverly Marks just hours ago [on 11.17.10] to inform her that Hurly is filing voter fraud charges against her, and further, that Gerald B Hough was going to ask that the FBI become involved in the investigation.

I find it almost amusing that Hough would bandy the name of the FBI about, since I have confirmation that he is currently under federal investigation himself for wrongdoing involving fraud in regard to value of evidence in a criminal case that was in the court system for five years in West Virginia at a high cost to the state.

Many common folk in Glenville feel that Tim Butcher and Marks went the extra mile to get the republican Jean Butcher elected at all costs to cover for prior misdeeds, and also, to continue with the corruption! Jean Butcher is more than familiar with the procedure and the jobs required in the County Clerk’s office. She has a lot of experience and has been the “Go to” girl for Butcher in the past having been able to navigate all the files easily given her experience and background.

To further review this rather eye opening account of Gilmer County Courthouse corruption, a lawsuit is currently pending (no details as of yet) in regard to the fact a lien that had been filed, but NOT INDEXED in the record—in case the lien was located in a title search.

I was further informed that Timothy B Butcher of the law firm of Butcher and Butcher, has actually made a copy of the indices – Butcher admitted to doing so, and then defended himself by saying he did it as a safety measure. Safety measure? To insure the safety that he and Beverly Marks would not get caught for over 20 years of wrongdoing?

That would be my guess!

Boy that Timothy B Butcher can come up with some tall stories, that is for sure, but if this is an illegal act, then I have to ask why he is not telling the story to the guy at CRJ [Central Regional Jail] that takes your picture in orange? Is Butcher really above the law? Should people that enable Butcher, like Wood County Commissioner Vance Golden, also be charged for illegal acts that are confirmed as illegal acts?

Will the fact that we have a new governor change things? Or, will Tim Butcher be able to pick up the phone and ask Big Joe Manchin for some assistance since he took the seat of Senator Byrd?

One thing is for sure, Marks was notified about the civil action against her and expects the prosecuting attorney to defend her. Is this a conflict? Sure it is! You bet!!

But, in reality, it does not matter if it is a conflict or not, since Gilmer County time after time and case after case has proven Gilmer County, “Makes it’s Own Rules!”

Until concerned citizens take action and make an effort to improve things we can expect more of the same. There will be more rapes on campus at GSC that will be squashed as to not affect the “IMAGE” of the college and now we have Big Joe’s right hand man Mr James Spears to see that the image is delicately handled, and that there is no more talk of unsolved murders or heaven forbid, any more press regarding the NO FOUL PLAY of the very dead Basil Fred Hill. And further, it was heard said, that anyone that does not go along with the program will be dealt with in a severe manner.

And So It Goes…..

By Dan Bingman
Creston, West Virginia

The Gilmer Free Press’ Position:

•  The platform is open to all parties involved for comments and corrections to these allegations.

•  We think in general and anytime it is wrong and unethical when the public information and citizens’ data is only available to select people. We think it is a crime for anyone to change or finagle with this information for any reason at anytime without a clear public knowledge.

•  We love and respect the rules and laws of the land. It is every citizen’s right and privilege to express their political position when they vote. Every vote from any citizens regardless of their social status should count equally. We feel the election results should only be decided by the legitimate votes of the voters and not by any other mean by any individual(s).

•  Gilmer County, WV IS part of America.

•  We feels the laws of the land should apply to every citizen equally.

•  We think we should always pay more attention to the message and not the messengers.

You hope you are dreaming when reading about corruption in Gilmer County, but it is not a dream. It is real. It is time for higher authorities to put an end to it and stop the violators.

Comment by Johnny H.  on  11.18  at  11:42 AM

What have I been telling you? Criminal acts with no end in sight. cool mad

Comment by WatchDog  on  11.18  at  11:44 AM

I cannot imagine Beverly would do all of this unless others are behind it. She has fallen for others evil actions. I think Butchers need to take a break from sticking their nose in everything there is in this county. They have caused nothing but problems in this county. In college, elections, education, and the list go on. How many more innocent people have to suffer and become victims? We are just sick of it.

Comment by Rno329  on  11.18  at  02:37 PM

Since deeds and such are public record, media reps should file a freedom of information request if something isn’t made avaiable. By law, they must show the documents.

Comment by anonymous  on  11.18  at  06:07 PM

When you say, “By Law” in Glenville or Gilmer County it does not mean much. Unless you are a member of the Power Elite you can FOIA a month of Sundays and it will be N A D A !

If you try to even think of filing a complaint against any of them, all you will get is and “Eye Roll” from law enforcement and a statement that goes a little something like this…

“I’m not going to go and bother those people!“

Judges can lie and it will be covered for by their friends in Charleston, and the Butchers clearly broke the law in regard to the AJ Woofter Estate and when a complaint was made, this is what was said,

“I’m not going to go and bother those people!“

If you are member of the WV Bar you might as well belong to the mafia.

All other attorneys will cover for you.

I interviewed 20 attorneys to bring civil law action against F John Oshoway for misconduct, but no one in WV is willing to rat out their own, even if they are wrong.

Comment by Dan Bingman  on  11.18  at  07:26 PM

Can somebody name one thing the these brothers have done for Gilmer County beside ripping everybody and destroying everything abd people’s lives? Thank you

Comment by KC21  on  11.18  at  07:54 PM

Folks, you haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.  No one talks about the shady deal with the heirs of the Sis Linn/Presby Church property deal regards Butchers/GSC Goodwin Hall.  List is endless.

Comment by Keep diggin’ y’all…  on  11.18  at  11:43 PM

It looks like while one is paying the price, the other smells like a rose, stinks, doesn’t it?

Comment by Rno317  on  11.19  at  07:10 AM

It is terrible how the HAVE’s can do anything to keep paying their taxes and get away with it and HAVE NOT’s- the little guy who always pays gets penalized.

Comment by Rno299  on  11.19  at  07:11 AM

The property involves a home that Dr. Barr and Tom Ratliff sold to a home broker with already having a mortgage on it and the mortgage was left out when it was sold. Tim Butcher did the title research and did not list the home as having a mortgage on it.

Comment by Rno326  on  11.19  at  07:21 AM

I believe the home could be on the property behind the Otterbein Church on RT 5.

Comment by JRM  on  11.19  at  07:29 AM

If this is true Peter and Tommy sold a house with a lien on it and neither including Tim Butcher who did the legal work disclosed the TRUTH including the time when they registered it with the county clerk. They knowingly did this which should be violation of the law. The the question is Why?

Comment by anonnymous  on  11.19  at  07:36 AM

If you are in business doing crooked acts, you know the place to go.

Comment by Rno414  on  11.19  at  07:38 AM

  – And that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

Well certainly the government,  “OF THE PEOPLE”  did perish for Glenville and Gilmer County the home of the 14th circuit court – home to Judge Richard A Facemire who is the most reversed judge in the WVSC at the current time of all presiding circuit court judges, and if not “today”  the MOST REVERSED, then most assuredly in the top two.

The city of Glenville government and the County of Gilmer government is by the Butchers, for the Butchers and the Power Elite of Gilmer County shall not perish!

Why are we as citizens allowing these holier than holy, I’m so cool you can’t go to my school hypocrites like Hough … (who in my opinion is a complete idiot) – control our lives and dictate policy that only benefit the very few and the not the masses?

Hough, to my knowledge is NOT a federal attorney in reference to the latest legal scandal, so therefore he would NOT be in the position to defend Marks in ANY federal action filed in US District court. His “It is all a mistake don’t worry!” …latest take on the matter is laughable.

The shady deal with the heirs of the Sis Linn/Presby Church property, and the full details and all the information pertaining to that transaction need to be made public – if we need any more secrets, then, we discuss the question of who did kill Fred Hill?

Comment by Dan Bingman  on  11.19  at  10:04 AM

Jean Butcher pulled the LEAST amount of votes in the primary by far of any candidate only 250 or so votes.

All the sudden she pulls the major votes to win an election over an HONEST democratic candidate?  … we all know who really won the election hands down!

Suspicious come behind win for Jean Butcher – DEAD LAST – for votes in the primary for County Clerk.

Butcher the winner -a Republican in a county, where Republicans always lose!

Gilmer County where Republicans always lose, unless…

Rumor has it Voter Fraud in Gilmer County to be squashed personally by the Secretary of State. Can’t have that even if laws were broken!

Come to Gilmer County where the ELITE ME and they truly are above the law!

Just ask Big Joe, Natalie and our puppet governor!

We may all soon be throwing NAZI salutes!

Comment by Rno415  on  11.23  at  05:21 PM

Only Republicans could vote for Jean Butcher in the primary election.  She was the highest vote getter on the Republican ballot.  ObvioObviously to win the GENERAL elction, she also received a large number of democrat votes.
Fraud?  No.  Just voter’s choosing to vote for the candidate who went door to door, put up election signs and talked to the people!  It is rare for Republicans to win in Gilmer County, but when they do, it is because Democrats vote for them.

Comment by Rno425  on  11.24  at  10:12 AM

Thanks Jean for that conflicting and typical
Cats chasing its tail report…

Especially since this sentence (below) makes no sense when translated into mathematical terms.

Only Republicans could vote for Jean Butcher in the primary election.  She was the highest vote getter on the Republican ballot.  Obviously, to win the primary, she also received a large number of democrat votes.

There will be no dog biscuit for that report!

I am not quite sure, but I am not going to buy that story, try again later!

… After the recording module evidence (x 2) comes up missing at the behest of Gerald B Hough, and the Secretary of State.

We are a jump ahead!!

Comment by Anonymous  on  11.24  at  02:39 PM

To rno415: Talk about sore losers, wow you take the cake.
So what if Jean Butcher came out with less votes in the primary? The fact remains, she won
the general election and that is the one that counts.
I cannot believe that you feel that she did not win fair and square. Yes you are right, Gilmer
County is a democratic county. But we have many SMART democrats to have enough sense to realize that a republican candidate in this election was a MUCH better choice than the democratic candidate running against her.
What that says is, vote for the BETTER choice rather than just because they are of your party. I have enough sense to vote for the one who will do the best job. And yes, I am a democrat, and yes I did vote for Jean. Smart, you betcha. This is what a lot of others thought too. Nothing was said when your candidate beat another democrat by 10 votes. Just so you know I voted for the Other candidate running against him on the democratic ticket. That candidate did not win, therefore I went with the next best candidate. She did win. It was all ok then huh? But, the Republicans and Democrats alike knew Jean was the best choice. It is just the other one thought he was a shoe in because of his name. Not this time. Are you upset because a lot of other offices both State and Nationally were won by Republicans or just this
one??? Oh, and by the way I am of no relation to Jean or personally connected to her. This is a honest opinion that Gilmer County voters got this one RIGHT.

Comment by Rno314  on  11.24  at  06:32 PM

In May the candidates got the following number of votes:
Total votes=1801

In November:
Total votes=2345

These figures spell, total of 544 more votes were casted in November than May.
Butcher got 471 more votes than Minigh in November.

It is just hard to believe that about 1158 Democrat would vote Republican to give the Butcher from 250 to 1408.

The Truth is that the Elite absolutely did not want Minigh in office. That is exactly why they had Jenkins to run against him in primary to beat him. They knew they could control Jenkins but not Minigh. Of course that plan failed.

Now the plan B: The only choice in main election for getting Minigh out was to fix it so he loses even if it takes to put a Republican in. There is no way that many Democrat would vote against a Democrat and for a Republican of all a sudden.

If the Democrat wanted the only Republican candidate who ran for an office then 1551 of them would not have voted for all democrats in May.

To the person who is defending the result of elections, if you are a Republican I understand, but if you are a Democrat you have to be part of the group who put Butcher in office. If you are a Democrat why did that many Democrat turn against a Democrat from May to November?

Please explain the role of additional two IVO modules and the secrecy about them and early voting, as well.

Also when were the machines certified for November‘s Election? And if they were why the public wasn’t notified of the time and date like it was in May?

Comment by Rno299  on  11.24  at  07:08 PM

RNO 299!  Sounds like a motor from 1963 that will be sure to win!

RNO 299! …In 2010 is speaking of another race and another kind of win!

RNO 299 is very qualified in telling the tale that makes perfect common sense.

But, the Power Elite depend on the fact that we are all dumb and we the people are all getting rather tired of feeling we went too far on a date without giving full consent!

I hate that feeling!

All of the sudden we are all going along with something we really didn’t want to do, but because we were bullied into it by foe or friend, it was, oh …here we go again!

The election was rigged and there were a few who witnessed behavior not known to have been known by prior record-suspicious behavior- performed by well known suspicious people!

Thank you RNO 299 for speaking the truth many are afraid to mention.

Comment by Anonymous  on  11.24  at  09:52 PM

To RNO 299. More people voted in Nov. due to the levies. Democrats out number Republicans 4 to 1 in Gilmer County.  The theoretical breakdown in Nov. was 1876 Democrats and 469 Republicans that voted.

If all Republicans voted for Butcher that leaves (1408-469) only 939 out of 1876 Democrats voting for her to get her final vote total. It looks like about 50% of Democrats voted for Ms. Butcher. Which makes sense given the in and outs among local Democrats.

I believe voters responded to Ms. Butcher campaigning door to door. Mr Minigh apparently did not go door to door.. Plus Ms. Butcher has ten years of experience at the court house. The math doesn’t show me clear cut evidence of fraud.

Comment by Rno392  on  11.26  at  10:48 AM

Numbers are numbers and they are fact and undoubtedly very unusual here. The figures speak for themselves regardless of all the hypothetical.
The question still remains,  why those who disagree with any type of fraud avoid making any comment on the IVO mystery? cool mad

Comment by WatchDog  on  11.26  at  10:59 AM

Glenville and Gilmer County has an established history of misconduct and wrongdoing, which involves and includes circuit court judges, the local prosecutor Gerald B Hough, as well as the corruption and negative influence of several local attorneys – due to the fact their incomes depend on playing ball with the “Powers that Be!” Voting slates, white collar crimes, and voter fraud along with bought and paid for votes has become tradition, along with a maximum amount of cooperation from the evil few that control it all.

Comment by Dan Bingman  on  11.26  at  11:32 AM

Just a reminder, “public record” includes any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the public’s business, prepared, owned and retained by a public body. Also, I would like to share some phrases pulled directly from WV CC 29B-1-1, Declaration of Policy;
The government is the servant of the people and not the master of them
All persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government
The people insist on remaining informed so they may retain control over the instruments of government they have created
We cannot continue to let the government control us. As Americans we hold the power and we cannot sit back and let our rights be robbed from us, including the right to speak up in defense. Last time I checked we lived within a democracy so why do I feel like Hitler is running the show? Speak up because before you know it we may all end up naked, beaten, and marching to the demands of crooked domination with no way to look back.

Comment by Concerned Citizen  on  11.28  at  11:58 PM

Whoever wrote this is psychic…

“There will be more rapes on campus at GSC that will be squashed as to not affect the “IMAGE” of the college and now we have Big Joe’s right hand man Mr Chuck Spears….“

YES GERRY HOUGH let the rapist

Edwin Dale Kinnison

OFF for raping a co-ed!
So in honor of this if you google

Edwin Dale Kinnison

He has his own rape sites in his name of

Edwin Dale Kinnison

Click to Read :

Comment by Anonymous  on  12.02  at  03:18 PM


By Rina McCoy-Editor/Cosmos Communicator/Freebird-Central WV SS/RGW Reporter

Graft and Corruption are charges that are typically leveled at highly-placed government officials, who are able to use public funds to improve their own fortunes due to increased access, influence, knowledge or power that comes with an elevated position.

This sounds like a description of what just happened with the Butcher and Butcher Law Firm and the President of GSC Peter Bar and their Gilmer Housing Partners Debacle!

Pictured from left to right: Glenville State College Foundation Executive Director and Vice President for Advancement Denny Pounds, Bob Jones, Mack Worl, GSC President Dr. Peter Barr, GSC Board of Governors Chairman Fred Radabaugh, GSC Board Member Marge Burke, and I.L. Ike Morris break ground on the new Rivers View Subdivision just outside of Glenville.

In that case a federal judgment of over 300,000 dollars was reached against, Barr and the Butcher and Butcher Law Firm when it is all said and done with attorney fee’s paid!

The County is liable too, since the County Clerk was named as a defendant. Possible, criminal charges could be born out of facts from the federal civil case we now hear!!

A typical local “Power Elite ” just having a little fun at our expense while engaging in a  typical  everyday Crooked County day full of nepotism,  which often leads to pressure through the family somehow or then there is, the holding of a carrot out in some type of bribery–And soon there could be embezzlement, extortion or graft, or even another real estate scandal like we just witnessed with our own eyes, while the “Powers that Be” never stopped denying the real facts.

Deny deny deny! “Oh it is all just a lie!”  Not this time Crooked County!!

You done got CAUGHT a bein Crooked down by the Crooked River!!

Y’all know how to deliver down by the Crooked River!!

Now we have truly seen for ourselves how they are!!

Get a clue, it was all GRAFT and CORRUPTION that was behind River View!

Any other place if public officials engage in this sort of activity they would be guilty of abuse of public trust at a minimum, and may often be charged with a crime!

But not in Crooked County!

In fact, published in one of the latest Gilmer Free Press articles that included 47 legal documents filed leading to federal court proceedings that proved wrong doing by Gilmer County Public Officials from Glenville, West Virginia this reminder had to be posted …

•  Gilmer County, WV IS part of America.

•  The laws of the land should apply to every citizen equally.

•  Pay more attention to the message and not the messengers.

Lets repeat the most important reminder to all citizens that read the Gilmer Free Press!      … Gilmer County, WV IS part of America!

You would not think so, when you discover the everyday activity of the local Power Elite who seem to be truly, “Above the Law!”

Interestingly, enough, they give the credit for being,” Above the Law,” to the former Governor Joe Manchin!

At this time we would like to ask Big Joe to come talk to us about that situation, because we seem to have a problem with it.

We were all so excited to elect Darryl Ramsey and now most seem disappointed to see he is being influenced so greatly by Rita Kight and others. Hey Rita, get a clue bitch! You retired Xmas time in 08 remember? We wanted you out and that meant we want you to stay the fuck out of things, not sneak into the courthouse after hours in the middle of the night and get in there and disturb, steal, redact and abuse the public records. By the way Kight you are breaking the law every time you do it. If we have to put a stop to it ourselves with our own enforcers we will, for it has been found out Gilmer County Law Enforcement ain’t good for nothing but creating crimes against innocent people and magically turning used rusted old junk farm equipment into brand new straight from Lemon Equipment in Parkersburg!

Welcome to Crooked County where even the women are dangerous!! Kight, BM, Beverly Marks, who ignored a court order from a high ranking judge and refused the sale needed by the sister of AJ WOOFTER for a desperate operation to save her life!!

Glenville, is the West Virginia HOME of GRAFT and Corruption!

The election love affair between Courthouse Staff is over and it is all due to public exposure of their many sins as of late in the mainstream press.

Tara Kennedy wife to Brian Kennedy famous for making up children that didn't exist in a high profile case that now has been proved to be fabricated and created by the Gilmer County Sheriff's department and Gerald B Hough prosecutor for Gilmer County!

And the biggest sin in Crooked County is nepotism!   A good example is Tara Kennedy making decisions on whether innocent people are sentenced to a full term of one year in jail while her husband Brian Kennedy serves as County Commissioner and was the hand picked nephew of Timothy B Butcher BOG of GSC ( a little present from Big Joe) while also wearing many other hats!

Of course those kind of love affairs are only for the mutual stroking of the incestuous political relationships so prevalent in such a dark place — Where EVIL truly does run right down that Crooked County Line!!

There is a reason that all major organizations (including government) and businesses discourage and even go so far as to forbid nepotism in the workplace.  It is the breeding ground for graft and corruption.

In Glenville, the Purpose of family ties mixed with running the local county government is to be able to pull strings and the right strings can be pulled by putting the right people in control for the sole purpose of becoming elected, reelected, or having your supporters and close associates elected or reelected!

In Glenville it is always, “What can you do for Me!” or..

“You suck my Dick, and not only do you have a job, but you already get a raise!”

Or, ” You can have the job, but what can you do to get my ass reelected!?”

Just like Sheriff Metz! Stick a fork in him, he is done as Sheriff, since his term will soon be expired and he can not run for Sheriff again, of course they are trying to change that law, and Gerry Hough is a workin hard on it I am told!

Metz is already worried about what he is a gonna do!?  Oh my!!

Commissioner, or Magistrate?

Well what sounds good to us, is nothing, yeah nothing sounds much better to us, since the performance as Sheriff was all about the scandals and false arrests and then attempting to cover up blatant lies and paying people to lie under oath in court and stealing money from tax payers and on and on and on it goes, and now…


WE AIN’T a  havin anymore Mickey Metz!

For, we would much rather have Mickey Mouse!

At least we may get free tickets to Disney World!

…instead of a World of Misery from Metz!

“YOU JUST LOOKY HERE, “ a famous quote by State Witness Marilyn Matheny while she was telling one of her tall tales that have now been found out by the public, since the Secret Audio file was listened to my thousands of people in the State of West Virginia! Matheny has been found out!!

"The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!" But, the "Ghost Wolf knows, the Ghost Wolf knows and he is coming for YOU!!" Without warning, the eyes of the Wolf turned to a penetrating deep red- which presented a very clear message from a bigger than life stance, “Leave my domain and never return!”

Gilmer County was exposed, for “How they do it now!”  We all found out every little step of how Gilmer County brings a false case, and then of course they, “PRAY for YOU” after they put an innocent person in jail!

Look no further for the EVIL side of GRAFT and CORRUPTION for you will find it right in the heart of downtown Glenville, West Virginia and now the whole fucking world knows the real truth!

When Gerald B Hough gave his speech last month in front of 350 elected county officials in and effort to explain all the bad press against him, the ploy backfired on Hough when County Officials all became interested in his wrongdoing, and then read for themselves the GILMER FREE PRESS and the “True Story” of Hough not using due diligence! And then,  an important courthouse matter of hiding a title to property was fully exposed!! Hough knowingly brought false evidence forward in a case that was heard before the WV Supreme Court for two years and now everyone knows he is guilty!!

“Hough was exposed just like his daughter Carly when she pulled her panties to the side at those famous frat parties on campus!”

Patti Hamilton  Executive Director of the West Virginia Association of Counties is well aware of Gilmer County and I am quite sure has discussed this issue of the misconduct of Hough!

Patti Hamilton has had an opportunity to see Gilmer County for what it really is... a NIGHTMARE!!

The bad press he has received has been recognized by Hamilton, the same as County Clerks, County Commissioners – and even other Prosecutors have heard about the blatant misdeeds of the infamous Crooked County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough!

Those people in Charleston are not all friendly to the Gilmer County Commission and I am sure have delighted in the GFP reporting!

Thanks to the FREE PRESS in Gilmer County  the evil side of Graft and Corruption has been made visible!!

At the courthouse in Glenville way up there on top of the hill,please realize that every one in that courthouse is a relative of someone else there!

Every one of those elected officials has one of their relatives connected in the Gilmer County Courthouse in some way!

That’s why the dogs there only growl under the porch, they are related to the big dogs who will cause them family troubles if they find out they are SNITCHES and buddy those snitches they know all of the family dirt on each other!

“The little dogs of the Power Elite take the scraps thrown left after the big dogs eat!”

Well it seems we got a real big dog a eatin round here late at night, just a waitin for the right time of the night just around midnight!!

If you look up high to the hilltops during a full moon down by the Crooked River, you might see the outline of the Ghost Wolf!

Is he a comin for me, or is he a comin for you!?

GILMER COUNTY HOME TO COVER UP'S – SEX SCANDALS – and ABUSE! All Done by The HANDS Of The Glenville Power Elite!!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Reporter/Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website – the Gate Keeper for Crooked County/Edited by EE

Is it easy to become confused when living in a Gilmer County world?

Is it the water or the bad sewage from the federal prison that did not bring in the revenue promised that makes everyone a little crazy?

Have the Power Elite lost their minds?

These are questions that one asks when pondering the fact that the Gilmer County Sheriff and the Prosecutor for Gilmer County think they can cover up the fact that they PAID a witness to lie in a high profile court case that went all the way to US Supreme Court after spending two years in the 4th district circuit court!

The legal experts from New York to Los Angeles agree that the “Travesty of Justice” junk farm equipment case was a typical arranged trial in which the judge, prosecutor, and defense counsel all had to be in on the misconduct and wrongdoing.

A piece of property was hidden by the court clerk after a court order was issued, which led to a wrongful death –  and Sheriff Metz feels he can cover it up and it will all go away! Why not? All the other cover ups seem to work pretty good, all the rapes and the thefts from the Property Tax payers and all.

Is Metz really that stupid?

The answer is YES he is that stupid.

The facts are never going to go away and are going to be brought forward by every state and federal agency that exists in WV and all the fingers are pointed at Metz and Hough as the bad seeds and the bad apples that thought it all up. Now how is that for being known for something?!

Metz and Hough could soon be hearing from the Ethics committee who were extremely upset over the actions by the elected County Sheriff and the ACLU too were not very happy to hear that the SHERIFF is actively involved in covering up paid perjury and a conspiracy to bring false value of evidence to a Gilmer County Grand Jury and a Trial Jury!

Gilmer County has in turn complained to anyone that will listen to them in Charleston, but one by one, their contacts are giving them the silent treatment and the closed ear because they have already been informed, but by another source, a more truthful source.

The Power Elite have pulled some real shit behind everyone’s back by calling in favors.

In fact these jerk offs from Gilmer County have gotten so involved with our shit, that we can not even label this article with a Category that says GILMER COUNTY!

Catherine Butcher played Basketball for Shepherd University at the beginning of the season, but transferred back home to GSC where she was caught having sex in the copter hanger owned by IL Morris with her private basketball coach Darrell Barnett of the Company owned by Shelly Morris DeMarino, who is rumored to have hosted the WILD Party where the rape of the 16 yr old Lady Titan took place on 22 January!

When we try to add Gilmer County  to the categories either by itself or with another phrase it is erased and can not be published by wordpress on this site.

Now when the Power Elite get involved with your shit to that degree they have simply lost their minds. Our attorney will be writing to Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic (the parent company of about that issue soon.

In the mean time if you are doing a search for GILMER COUNTY or GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia you have to look no further than the kind folk at the West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition. We will write back and explain to the person doing the search what complete assholes everyone is that runs GILMER COUNTY and give them some details and some names of family members that we personally know in case they need a reference.

In fact the Gilmer County Power Elite are not just assholes, but criminals too!

We recently let all parties know we are prepared to go to court over any more violations of our right to free speech. Some of us have been jailed for it. Some of us have had our lives and careers ruined over wrongful actions taken by Gilmer County and we have come here today to kick their ass in the courtroom! These people need the holy crap beaten out of them in a federal courtroom and we are hoping to be the people to do it. In fact we can not wait to present facts to a federal judge at the first hearing and reveal other crimes we believe these people are involved in that we have not mentioned to anyone.  We are saving some shit up for just the right occasion to shove down some well greased throats.

Let us look at a HOME GROWN problem regarding SEX in the high school scene and SARAH RUTHERFORD an honor student from GSC  becoming a high school teacher and then being involved in sucking the dicks of her high school students!

Sarah Rutherford, 23 of Belington (formerly of Gilmer County), is charged with sexual abuse. Her mother, JoAnn Rutherford works at GSC as a secretary! Height: 5ft 3in Weight: 110 lbs. DOB: 5/17/1987 Booked: 3/10/2011 Booking ID: 999021511 Barbour County - Bail: $10 000.00 - TVRJ Charge Type: Felon

Sarah gave  them the around the world education to coitus and the fine art of  cunnilingus.

People tend not to think of sex with a young boy (at least with women) as child abuse.  Why can’t they understand how this kind of SEX can screw up their mind? Can’t the teachers teach more about and what positive relationships are about?

I’d be willing to bet that over half of those young boys become abusers of women in the future!

Only someone from GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia could really take on a task like fucking the shit out of her young students in high school with the kind of pride and personal achievement like Sarah Rutherford showed!

Sarah Rutherford from GILMER COUNTY was arrested for having sexual intercourse with under age teenage boys that were students and also there were drugs involved with the sex along with alcohol the CROOKED COUNTY WAY!

Sarah was shown special privilege at GSC from IL Morris who supposedly helped her gain access to the pharmacy program at WVU. We don’t really know what happened with those big plans, but Sarah Rutherford, as it turned out was busy exploring her more sexual nature as any good Power Elite chick would.

Sarah got totally turned out is right when she attended GSC, where she had it made because she was the daughter of a long time Glenville State College employee.

Her mom is JoAnn Rutherford who works at the college as a secretary and she is one hell of a hussy from what we hear! Look out now! We got another daughter of the Power Elite having another wild sexual episode that she wants to share with a select few! It is all part of the Gilmer County Power Elite upbringing! Special favors, special deals, it is all good in Crooked County!

Sarah’s Brother Matt is a very big time druggie, so too bad she did not get the pharmacy gig or Sarah could have been the hookup! With all the privileges they got, they had to screw it up, just like many of the children of the Power Elite do!

This opinion was recently published in the local GFP about another sexual experience involving under age high school students a teacher and coach at Gilmer County High School and an alleged RAPE too! All covered up!!

Isn’t It Better to End It Than A Cover-up? Be Fair to Innocents?!

An intensely discussed issue in Gilmer County is what supposedly happened along Route 33 at the home of a prominent member of the community.

Allegedly, and according to Internet reports, there was a wild party involving GCHS students and authority figures.

Among other things, sex between a coach and a female student and the rape of another female student are alleged.

Reasonable citizens concur that simply because the information was posted on the Internet does not prove the veracity of the reports.

The problem is that many citizens can perceive that something terribly wrong happened and the perceptions can mutate into convictions of fact.

With serious ramifications of reports of the party, why is nothing being done to refute the reports or to verify that they were valid to cause guilty parties to be dealt with?

The homeowner, the coach allegedly involved with sex with a student and the alleged rapist could in fact be totally innocent.

Also, the girls whose reputations were tarnished could be victims of vile rumor, which is a huge concern.

Conversely, if what was reported is truthful, the GCHS principal, the County School Board, and local law enforcement officials, including the prosecutor, are grossly guilty of inaction!

To do nothing causes one more black mark to be stamped on all of us regarding how business is permitted to be conducted in Gilmer County.

We need competent investigative reporters or outside law officials to come to Gilmer County to eke out the facts and to let the chips fall where they may.

The members of the local SS have been trying to meet those needs and have made many friends in Law Enforcement that serve outside the state that have become critical of WV policy and actions.

The GFP also had this to say about the incident with Sarah Rutherford!

A teacher from Philip Barbour High School is facing sexual abuse charges for allegedly having sexual relationships with two students.

Philip Barbour High School HOODIES should sell well for the graduates of SEX EDUCATION, I hear they are making up some more to sell that say I WAS BROKEN IN BY MS RUTHERFORD-Call me when you have no class!!

Sarah Rutherford, 23 of Belington (formerly of Gilmer County), is charged with sexual abuse in the third degree.

Barbour County Sheriff officials say Rutherford had sexual relationships with two students, between August and December of 2010.

According to the criminal complaint, Rutherford supposedly gave one of the students alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs on at least one occasion.

Rutherford allegedly had sexual intercourse with the students, and then told them not to tell anyone because she could get in trouble.

Rutherford was sent to jail and was later released on bond.

The Barbour County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.
Update: Addtional information from the criminal complaint

The criminal complaint against Rutherford says she became acquainted with one of the victims, a student a PBHS, in August and September. The two began text messaging and she invited the student to her home, located in Barbour County, where she and the student allegedly had sexual intercourse.

Through September and December, Rutherford allegedly became involved with another PBHS student younger than 18 by initiating contact with the victim at the school to “solicit a relationship!“

The criminal complaint states that Rutherford and the second victim had daily contact with each other, and allegedly three incidents between the two occurred at least once.

Rutherford allegedly provided the student with alcohol, marijuana and Klonopin at her home; she provided the student with money to purchase marijuana for her, which he complied; and Rutherford took the student to her home, where she provided him with alcohol, marijuana and engaged in sexual intercourse.

“The defendant told the victim not to tell anyone about the sexual intercourse because they could get in trouble since she was a teacher and the victim was a student,“ the complaint states.

In our local incident at a party at the home of a member of the Crooked County Power Elite this NO TELL tactic was used again!

Don’t tell about all the WILD SEX and all the DOPE and the BOOZE and the exposed breasts and rape of the unwilling young participant at the home of the Lemegeton – An agent of the Devil!

To all the devils minions …come home to GILMER COUNTY where the difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that CROOKED COUNTY LINE!

But don’t tell!

February 5th was the 4th Anniversary of the CalPatty Press! Lets CELEBRATE FOUR YEARS of Bringing West Virginia the REAL TRUTH!!

By Lisa Wexler /exclusive feature article for the CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition of truth blogs of Central West Virginia/Editor Edison-Crooked County Crooks website!

Friday February 5th, 2011 was the fourth anniversary of the CalPatty Press and we’ve been celebrating FOUR YEARS of bringing West Virginia the REAL TRUTH!

Prior to the invention of the truth blogs and the Central West Virginia Underground Press that also includes hardworking  journalists that have quite a track record for exposing bad cops and corruption in the WV Judicial system, the Crooks from Crooked County and all the counties in WV literally got away with murder, rape and other heinous crimes for years, but starting in 2006 with the CCC website, Lone Meth Ranger and CU all of that changed!

We scored our first big victory when the Crooked County Crooks website formed a coalition with the Lone Meth Ranger, the TEAM RANGERS from Calhoun County and the very appreciated Calhoun Underground. Out of that meeting was born the CalPatty Press 5 February 2007, and that was when things really started to break loose!

The CalPatty Press Cow Patty was first thrown against Power Elite that were CROOKED AS HELL February 5th 2007!

By February 2007 the Secret Seven Coalition had been operating under a strict clandestine situation and environment, always staying hidden and bringing in some very well respected and well educated out of state help for consultants. When those consultants confirmed our worst fears, that even some of our own attorneys truly worked for the Power Elite; we knew we were fucked! And to put it in the words of the one honest State Trooper we have had contact with, “You knew this was going to be a long drawn out uphill battle!”  And buddy it was, and still is!

Now lets get to the history:

The Lone Meth Ranger Newsletter that you can handle and hold!

In the famous Circuit Court Case of the Lone Meth Ranger …

John Manis Richards’ attorney, Robert Catlett, has requested the dismissal of a felony indictment after State Police in Grantsville say they lost evidence taken from the residence of the LONE METH RANGER who we all know as Johnny.

Much like the Kelley Mace meth case a few years ago, there was no analysis of an illegal drug, nor was the illegal drug ever presented.

Cpl. Doug Starcher testified numerous times during the Mace case that State Police had an illegal substance (meth) in their possession, taken from her residence using a search warrant.

The case was eventually dropped, when Starcher could not produce the evidence.

A State Police internal investigation and a criminal investigation of Starcher’s sworn statements, indicating perjury, produced no repercussions for the officer.


“Starcher’s sworn statements, indicating perjury, produced no repercussions for the officer.”

Imagine that!

In Johnny’s case… Catlett’s motion further claims proper police procedures were not followed, including the obtaining of chain-of-custody receipts.

Richards’ attorney cites a letter from former detachment commander Sgt. C.

Calhoun County Team Ranger Leader -The LONE METH RANGER!

J. Ellyson, stating he discarded the alleged meth lab materials from a garage located in the barracks, indicating they were not properly secured by Sgt. Darrin Campbell.

What is even more interesting is that State Police from CALHOUN COUNTY, testified in a hearing late last year, that they had in their possession evidence in the case against the Meth Ranger… when in fact all evidence had already been destroyed for months!

So what are we at the Cal Patty Press alleging, besides allegations of out right lies… just like “JUST OK” Gerry Hough?

What are we at Cal Patty alleging besides outright lies told about evidence destroyed during testing for controlled substance… when there was no testing done?

What we are alleging is… that, STATE and Calhoun Officials fell into a genuine CalPatty COW PATTY and nothing was going to be the same for them again, since they were now being investigated by the people of Central WV!

Every time you fall in a Cal Patty COW PATTY it sticks to your face!

24 April 2007

“Calhoun Circuit Court Judge David Nibert dismisses all charges against JOHN MANIS RICHARDS, “The Lone Meth Ranger” today. Richards was indicted by a Calhoun Grand Jury in January 2006 after ex-police Chief Ronald James Gordon Sr. along with the Grantsville State Police arrested Richards on August 2, 2005 for allegedly operating a meth lab in Grantsville.”


“A defendant who is clearly disliked by local law enforcement cries out from day one for an analysis of the physical evidence, and then that evidence disappears. This draws a much darker picture than mere negligence.”

That according to Richards’ attorney Robert Catlett.


Prosecutor Matt Minney, was advised by State Police, that physical evidence that would have been used in the J.M. Richard’s case was destroyed or discarded by the agency.


JUST WAG….of the little peter’s of the po po!

As we say naw naw….naw …naw naw!

“You fool around with evidence and somebodies gonna get hurt!”

“The Lone Meth Ranger” rides off into the sunset, saying…

If you were looking for evidence you came to the wrong place!”


The local papers highly criticized Richards statements, at the time of their individual reports and publications, but all that was said by Richards came true… just like he said it would!

If Richards tells me to build an arc, I’m going to build the arc, because the flood may be coming!

However, he declined to comment or make any statement at press time, other than to say…

“The truth speaks for itself!”

If that’s not a prophet talking, I don’t know what is!

Imagine that, “The Lone Meth Ranger” may have been telling the truth all along! The facts certainly seem to point in that direction, and isn’t that what we base our justice system on, facts?

State and federal agencies are now looking into several Calhoun County

TEAM RANGERS under the leadership John Manis Richards (The Lone Meth Ranger) and the Calhoun County SS contacted 14 victims of sexual assualt, some while under home confinement and most all subject to drug testing. Drug testing was sometimes overlooked in exchange for sexual favors. In one instance a mother and a daughter were both sexually assaulted. Out of the 14 contacted 3 came forward to testify against Ron Gordon.

investigations and of course the Rapist Police Chief predicament, has certainly turned into an enigma… or was that enema!? Gordo Gordon, the touchy feely human  dinosaur, who squirts if you squeeze him, but only on women that he has on house arrest, under his supervision.

How about the people as sweet as candy, like April McCroskey and Deputy Bandy!?

Stealing from old people similar to the allegations against Tim Butcher and Rosabelle Gainer Cunningham just up the old Crooked River! A social worker, a cop, the Glenville city attorney, and the president of the local chapter of the American Cancer Society, all under allegations of theft!

Rumors of war and reports to the feds are flying about the area in Gilmer County, often referred to as Crooked County. It was heard via a grape-line connection, that a complaint was made to the FBI involving the wrongdoings in the A J Woofter estate and that information was referred to a US attorney. More than $25,000.00 is unaccounted for from a 1994 accounting involving the A J Woofter estate. The CalPatty press was told experts are working on all of the figures, since it is believed highly likely, that as much as 100,000 additional dollars could have been wrongfully taken from the estate. Formal complaints have been filed that have also pointed the finger at the office of Vance Golden in Wood County, for intentionally sending the accounting, sought after for five years, to the wrong address.


Remember the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy we were talking about? Well it’s starting to fill up. Of course we called it correctly just as soon as the CalPatty Press editors were informed of Gerry Hough being brought in on the “Bandy” is not so dandy trial. Gerry claimed some BS sob story about the chain of evidence, and transcripts missing, and how by what could have only been an act of god, Hough suddenly had no case against the former Chief Deputy.


24 May 07

What Hough tried to wrangle past the judge was so completely over the top…we couldn’t quite believe it… even for someone from up the Crooked River!

Now it appears because of another case of missing evidence and a mysterious shooting that just happened to coincide with a couple other mystery gun shots in the night, all within hours of each other!

The early days of the Secret Seven were certainly active with all the corrupt cops in Calhoun County, the order of the day was stay well armed and keep plenty of ammo on hand. Nothing much has changed since then except most all of the bad cops are gone from Calhoun County!! Bandy was ruined by the Court Case. The Police Chief Gordon went to prison for the sexual assaults while using his badge to blackmail women into sex. Dellinger was prosecuted for crimes while on duty as a Sheriff and CJ Ellyson, the best friend of Gerry Hough was given the boot for stealing all the evidence, money, drugs, guns from the police lockup. JD Nicholson the Police Chief that replaced Gordon was later beaten by a man with a baseball bat, while another man with a baseball bat stood lookout-JD was beaten severely about the head and shoulders and died two weeks later from injuries. While JD was in the hospital it was determined he was addicted to pills. The men that attacked him in broad daylight with several witnesses present were never held accountable for the beating that led to the death.

It would appear to any reasonable person, that Sgt C J Ellyson has been relieved of his post, relieved of his duties and of course we’re relieved that he’s relieved for he is a dangerous man with a gun!

Our friends just down the road at the Calhoun Underground were the first to relate all of those shootings together and now the man that ended up with a oh-so-mysterious gun shot wound is not going to be suiting up anytime soon.

This is not the only reason the Sgt got the boot!

Now Sgt Ellyson will be missing me and missing you too!

Ellyson blamed the Meth evidence debacle on Sgt Campbell who also won’t be back to the Grantsville detachment of the State Police. Campbell was given the more honorable option of retiring. How can we ever forget the old falling off the ladder, can’t ever come back to work trick.

Misconduct! MYSTERY!

Possible criminal charges?

Somebody better dam up that Crooked River and damn soon!

25 May 07

It was reported earlier that week that, “Circuit Court Judge Richard A. Facemire “Abandoned his role of impartiality and neutrality and that his role in both questioning witnesses and making comments to aid the prosecuting attorney in the presentation of the state’s case seriously affected the fairness, integrity, and public reputation of the judicial proceedings.”

Justice Larry Starcher wrote “We also find that the judge’s conduct in this case weighed in favor of the state’s case to the point that the judge’s partiality became a factor in the determination of the jury to such an extent that the appellant did not receive a fair trial.”

In other words Crooked County tactics were used, but the Supreme Court called it for what it was …”Just another attempt to violate the civil rights of a person captured and to declare them guilty before the trial was even heard.”

What other dirty deeds and wrongdoing can be expected from the Crooked County folks that make their own rules? Really you can’t put nothing past them! Are federal agencies keeping a watchful eye on the repeat offenders for bending justice to fit their own “personal” agenda?

Sgt. C. Shane Dellinger, problem bad boy from Braxton County had no ticket to paradise and certainly no “E” ticket, in fact he had “nothing!” Nothing but

Christopher Shane Dellinger became involved with the famous TODD SMITH the leader of the Fire Starting Cult in Grantsville. Pill poppin and Bed Hoppin was the main activity in Calhoun County-Last Summer C Shane Dellinger had his 4 felony convictions reversed because of an error Judge Facemire made with a juror. Facemire currently leads the Circuit Court judges for most cases reversed by the Supreme Court. Brandy, Dellingers long time girl friend also shown and took part in parties with Smith and his now dead cult member girlfriend, Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson.

an excuse and a piece of paper that said he was cool, but not cool enough.

Dope parties with the Cult and all their hotties is not necessarily how an officer of the law should conduct himself, so not only did we have that Crooked County Judge Facemire’s number we had the goods on Dellinger-pictures and all, and here was a cop going deep deep deep into the cult and coming out smelling like Tuna and Methamphetamine.

“No relief in sight to dry up that Calhoun Lagoon we were all talkin bout”

Soon the SS jumped into Dellinger’s shit with both feet!  Soon we made it known that Dellinger had an association with the Cult! his involvement with

Christopher Todd Smith who is a local confidential informant. It seems someone with power in Grantsville didn’t want Sgt. Dellinger to get Smith to the FBI as a meeting was scheduled for the informant to meet with an FBI agent along with Sgt. Dellinger.

Somebody fucked that all up for those boys for before 07 was over they were both busted and busted good!  Could have been the SS?  Again?


13 June 07


Cops on the list!

RON GORDON–Grantsville Police Chief, wanted for rape by the SS!

Sgt C J Ellyson–state trooper

Sgt Campbell–state trooper

Shane Dellinger–Grantsville Police officer and Bad boy deputy from Braxton!

Chief Deputy Bandy(charged with theft and burglary)

Doug Starcher–state trooper-twice accused of perjury, but Gerry Hough did not bring charges forward and let Starcher off of the indictment for perjury if he lost the evidence against Chief Deputy Bandy and daughter to the former Calhoun County Sheriff, now Glenville City Cop.

WEXLER on Bad Cops!

CalPatty Press: How about the many complaints about State Trooper Starcher the most hated of all law enforcement officers?

Lisa Wexler: “Now I understand that Trooper Starcher ONCE AGAIN stands accused of perjury and wrongdoing.”

Calpatty Press: You seem to have a problem with Gerry Hough, exactly why is that?

Wexler: “Hough is dishonest first of all, he has no problem with presenting false facts and information to a Grand Jury and has no problem lying to juries in circuit court cases! I could go on and on about Hough, but since I know he is being investigated for wrongdoing, I promised I would shut up about him, but I just can’t! Basically he’s a fake and not very bright for a lawyer”

“ANYTIME Gerry Hough appears as Special Prosecutor, then the fix is in… as we have seen that situation time and time again. For all Hough is– is just another Crook from Crooked County, having come to the rescue one of his own. If it’s a bad cop he is to prosecute, then that bad cop will have all of his troubles washed away and soon you will just hear no more of it! Hough accomplished that criminal task not just once but TWICE in regards to Starcher and is going to pull the same crap with Deputy Bandy just wait and see!”

“It would appear to a reasonable person that just about anywhere in Central West Virginia, all it takes is an allegation from some person with a personal grudge and any normal person like YOU or ME could find themselves tangled in a wicked web of evil spun by the Spin Meister’s of corruption.”

CalPatty Press: What is it that disturbs you the most about the Central West Virginia political structure and law enforcement ?

Lisa Wexler: “The buddy system and ‘home cooked’ law enforcement and political structure!”

” By that I mean it’s who you know in this town, and surrounding area’s, if your a prominent person with a high profile position you could practically commit murder and get away with it, and for all we know, that has already happened!”

” A good example of what I am talking about is when Tim Butchers’ (Glenville city attorney) son got pulled over for DUI-then failed the field sobriety test! He didn’t go to jail or court or nothing! That’s some real bullshit!”

“It seems that the tide has changed and improved greatly when it comes to the issues of bad police officers and bad police work! People believe it now…there have been so many infractions, that it is almost unbelievable and has brought national attention to central West Virginia!”

“Maybe there is hope now”

Finally there was hope and the hope spread to the hundreds of citizens in West Virginia that have written to us with their own experiences of corruption and criminal activity by the many public officials in Central West Virginia.

The SS brought an end to SIX BAD COPS before the summer of 07 was out, and then the court orders started to hit, specifically from Judge Facemire, he was going to be god damned if anyone told the truth about him–  an attempt was made to shut down certain websites and the situation certainly met with some casualties. The Crooked County Crooks website good for 1000 hits a day on journalscape was sunk in 2006! Blown out of the water after Kenny the owner was deluged with court orders and letters from attorneys–and that is when the SS hired some expensive attorneys of their own, and started to fight back.

The CCC “Crooked County Crooks” website which cast light on official misconduct in Gilmer County for several months in 06 and 07 was knocked off the web twice, by threats, letters, and intimidation from public officials, lawyers, judges and crooks. Kenny Smith owner/operator of Journalscape, explained to CCC editor Lisa Wexler and the rest of the crew that, ” I just can’t take it anymore!” So the site was just gone! The CCC website took another damaging hit and lost all their bandwidth by early fall of 2007  on another server and did recover from the wounds until the end of 08.

Intimidation and threats did the “CCC” in during the second attempt at flying the flag of freedom. During most of the earlier CCC “Pirate raids of truth,” John Manis Richards was sitting in jail getting broken reports about people he was told would be joining him soon!!

Around this same time John Manis Richards found himself wanted by the Law and had to hide out, but it was not long before and ambush was set up by the daughter of the Gilmer County Sheriff was partying with one of Johnny’s good girl friends.

Many feel Johnny was jailed immediately, because of the” Lone Meth Ranger” website and he was told to his face to shut-it-down! Then they slapped the cuffs on him!

The site remained up, but no more entries. Johnny was gone, but not forgotten, and it turned out the dope and the cops were  rotten-just like he said all along!

Johnny’s outspoken and down to earth approach was a threat to the local “Powers That Be” and they weren’t gonna stand for that anymore!

But, Johnny had his say and he was right! Damn, they must have hated that, when that happened!

Now we understand a federal attorney has asked for that specific “second court order” by Facemire–he declared it illegal and wants to bring court action, but Tara Kennedy who held the paper-work and initiated the court order for Facemire has refused the request for the documents– and also one very well know attorney has also refused to give up the document requested. Only a federal subpoena will most likely gain access to the suspected illegal document drafted by Richard A Facemire 14th district circuit court judge.  But, as you know in Crooked County–they make up their own  rules!


02 July 07     


Everett Campbell took a gamble and blew that fucker away!

Anytime a person pulls a 357 with intent to wound, or kill, it’s certainly no misdemeanor!

357 Evey on the right with defense counsel. SS sources discovered Everett Campbell was working as a confidential informant, and, an ex-felon carrying a weapon.

But what the hell do you want!? We’re just talkin bout Crooked County!

Pulling a 357 in anger is always a gamble to all involved, and a gamble with your own life as well. But, the Gamble paid off for Campbell!

Slapped with a misdemeanor!

How the heck could the court, or the jury, or the prosecutor, categorize a cold blooded killing with a 357… as a misdemeanor?

Mark Todd Medley the man killed, was unarmed, and had just called 911!

Certainly a reasonable person could assume, that an unarmed man, that had just called 911 was no threat! Medley was making an active effort to call for help!

Here is the popular opinion on the Cold Blooded murder swept under the rug in Crooked County.

Carl Robinson

I think this is a tragedy that a man can kill another in cold blood and still walk the streets. I think that we here in the USA have the best court system in the world but it has flaws. I suppose there are more votes from Campbell and his family and friends than there is from Medley and his family and friends who lived over 100 miles away. Medley was a loving father and a good friend of mine who I will miss very much. He had three great kids who will miss him much more than me. I hope the Judge in this case sleeps well at night because many of Medley’s family will not for some time to come.


09 July 07

Of course also at this time the SS was not only battling bad judges, crooked attorneys and corrupt prosecutors they also had the long on-going battle with the FIRE STARTING CULT!

Here is one of the many letters received by editors of truth blogs from citizens, it pretty much,”Tells it like it is :”

So ya wanna know why there are meth makers and rapist and other crimes going on.I know why, cuz Mr.Hot Toddy And Lucy and there drugged up so called friends go and tell them that a nice young women who is off of drugs has been for several several years is making a meth lab in their home.I know that these people aren’t from around here,came to this small town to stay away from all the drama,which I might add  is right here in Grantsville, WV and it is so much worse.I have known this young woman’s boyfriends family for years and I know there is no such thing going on in that home.I feel they need to go after the real criminals here.Lets just say that they wasted all that time looking around a home in which nothing was found when they could have been out looking for real criminals.And of course I was told the police was very sorry and said it to the ones who was in the home that they were really sorry. I know how rumors start in this town and of course it has not even been 12 hrs and I have already heard some pretty bad stuff about them and when I asked where the info came from I was told Hot toddy an Lucy and there no good friends!

“So if we were going to prove a point, it seems that’s it’s whoever gets to the cops first-they believe that person and persecute the rest!”

Then the SS started studying the origins of corruption and it all boiled down to the Primogeniture Monarchy’s that have control of Crooked County!

Primogeniture Monarchy’s in Central West Virginia have to be put to a hot poker!

“The time is now- or we will have a lot of time to be sorry later!”

The Primogeniture Monarchy’s long established in Crooked County and surrounding areas must finally be stopped!

Eric Von Facemire circa 1914(later immigrated to Central WV)

They have controlled political agenda’s-court appointments of local public trust positions-shew in magistrates-bought and paid for votes, and a plethora of other deeds not in the best interest of the general public!

In fact, “They really don’t give a damn about the general public!”

“The Primogeniture Monarchy’s only care about lining their own stuffed pockets and making their supporters and friends comfortable and secure in their own hog-pen of corruption!”

Then along comes the CALHOUN UNDERGROUND!  And the find folks at the Underground had plenty to say too, but we will let them tell the story!

Secretly, I was following the works of the CU editor( which will remain a secret)–I knew she had the stuff to join the fight. I had followed her works long before the CU site went up and in secret. “It was secret stuff!” I watched her comments and admired her art.

She herself was quite surprised to realize that I knew her identity, the very first day her site went up! It was all later discussed by secret communications. All this talk about secret stuff must sound foolish to many that don’t know.

“We are all dead or worse, if they, ‘the powers that be,’ get a good grip on us!”

We have already been told that by the people that know. Enough feathers have been ruffled now. We are all targets and we know it.

“When men come to your house at night with guns, then you know!”

I was very surprised myself to find that her and I had been on the same page all along. And no she isn’t me. In fact our fight isn’t really much different than the fight from 39-45 in France. So we have all destroyed most of the evidence that link us together and have lawyer-ed up.

In the astute observation of the Calhoun Underground:

Now is the time to Exercise Your Rights!

The time is right.  The common citizens of  Calhoun and Gilmer County are discussing the problems. Not just radicals and malcontents, but ANYONE that has learned the true facts about who the people are really running things in their totalitarian existence.

“The bad cops, judges, prosecutors and corrupt lawyers  are  being talked about in coffee shops, the library, the post office, on the street!”

It is all because of the Secret Seven Coalition of truth blogs, and it is  because of the fine people of West Virginia, who have finally gathered the strength to fight back.

The Secret Seven Coalition are tired of having our lives, families and careers destroyed by corruption in the courts, in the city government, and by all those greedy, self serving public officials that have proved to be dishonest and ruthless–only interested in self gain and attaining wealth at the expensive of the common citizen.

Finally in the year 2011 we are getting the response from the people that made the state of West Virginia the great state it used to be—-all agree the time has come to fight back.

With your help we are going to take by our County and then take back our state.

Wild Parties sponsored by POWER ELITE icons and the children of those ABOVE THE LAW local residents, and all their EVIL has influenced our youth! ( Cell phone photo of Power Elite Party totally protected by Po Po)

Back room of local Power Elite Party led to drug use and RAPE of local young girl!

Gilmer County Council of Concerned Citizens – The MISSING ONE SIXTH 2007 TITLE OPINION Published! This document proves wrongdoing by Hough and Marks!

The Gilmer Free Press: We like to emphasize and state it clearly that the Gilmer Free Press platform is available to anyone that would like to prove this information wrong. The documents presented in this series are actual facts. None of the elected public officials involved want to comment on these documents! They only refer to the court decisions which did not include these documents to say the least. One official has referred to this case as a simple mistake! (Seems to be the SIMPLE EXCUSE for all wrong-doings recently.) We asked everyone to look at the process and wrong doings of public elected officials rather than parties involved. We ask our public elected officials to explain to Gilmer County tax payers why this has happened and how they are going to remedy these so called ‘Simple Mistakes’. Parties involved regardless of who they are have paid a big price for these ‘Simple Mistakes’. How many more are there? We cannot just move on with these clouds over our county. As always The Gilmer Free Press takes a neutral position, and presents the documents from all sides to you to decide. Simply Click on the Highlighted links to see.


Along with 2009-2010 TAX billing to original Owner!
All made public.

Who would have ever considered that at the beginning of 2011 Gilmer County would find itself under serious Criminal and Civil allegations resulting in accusations pointing in the direction of Beverly Marks ( former county clerk)  for wrongdoing involving Public Records fraud, Voter Fraud, Title Fraud, serious federal civil law action, and Election Fraud along with other accusations of wrongful policy!

Black Box found at the courthouse! And much to everyone's surprise inside was Lizzie Butcher practicing some Box Banging and taking Public Records Theft and Title Fraud lessons after the courthouse is closed ...just like dad!

Don’t forget unreasonable notice and false billing of taxes on a piece of property that was WANTED and missing and a matter of important evidence in a high profile Gilmer County Criminal Court Case that climbed as high as the United States Supreme Court in Washington DC!

The MYSTERY 1/6th to the “Travesty of Justice-Junk Farm Equipment” case that was in the WV court system for years is found and the original owner billed for back taxes.  Here is the proof!

Ticket number 1395913960, 13961 (these three tax ticket numbers represent the missing 1/6th! (Click on Tickets to View)

It was the same 1/6th piece of property missing from the majority opinion authored by Justice Davis, and the same missing one sixth recently found because the original owners were billed for back taxes just last October, 2010 and billed five long years after the property was legally sold by court order to Cecil Leon Ramsey of Glenville, WV!

You cannot make these up if you try! This title opinion brought to us by a contributor to the Gilmer Free Press proves that ownership belongs to Cecil Leon Ramsey and he IS the title holder and should not be responsible to pay back taxes on the missing 1/6th hidden by The Gilmer County Prosecutor and The Previous Gilmer County Clerk!!
This same property, as represented by Title opinion was sold on the court house steps November 18, 2010 as mentioned in the article entitled: ‘Title Fraud and Premeditated Criminal Actions in Gilmer County’.  This title opinion also represents 1/6th F in A-F explanation of division of property mentioned in the felony court case.
Why is no one arrested and why are public officials not held accountable for theft and wrong doings??
Please follow the link and read the Title Fraud article so that you will understand this latest addition to the Title Fraud evidence, as the Gilmer County Concerned Citizens reveal another crime has been committed by the office of the Gilmer County Clerk. When you finish reading that article, please read this one: ‘WV STATE POLICE PROTECT GILMER COUNTY PROSECUTOR – QUOTE ONLY CODE IN WV WITH STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS’.
Also, feel free to review the latest article and please listen to the tape. If you cannot access the audio file please e-mail a request and we can e-mail it to you to listen to. Please review this recent presentation with pictures and audio at: ‘SECRET AUDIO a Proof of Criminal Conspiracy in Gilmer County, WV’s Legal System’.
During trial, Ms. Marilyn Matheny, a partner of Lemon’s Farm Equipment,
valued the equipment to be approximately $1,200. On December 14, 2005, the jury found the appellant guilty of petit larceny in violation of W.Va. Code § 61-3-13(b), the lesser- included offense of grand larceny, a violation of W.Va. Code § 61-3-13(a).1 The circuit court then sentenced the appellant to one year in the state penitentiary.

Notice how Justice Davis says that the defendant that was convicted of a misdemeanor for the RUSTED FARM EQUIPMENT was sent to prison and served the exact same time as Everette Campbell did for murder! One Year!

If you read that article and listen to the tape you will find that by the time the farm equipment case made it to the WV Supreme Court Justice Davis had come up with a figure never before on the court record. The rusted junk with a worth of less than 400 now had climbed in value to $1,200 thanks to an evil and dishonest Supreme Court Justice.

The matter would be officially decided at a felony level even if it was for a crime that never actually happened, but that is how they do it in Gilmer County., and that is how they do it in Charleston at the West Virginia Supreme Court.

Coffee, tea, me, breasts, cocaine? Come by our after hours office party! We can show ya how to make Titles disappear in a Gilmer County minute! ( Breasts in this photo are real and the property of Lexie Butcher)(Cocaine provided by Ashley Millers boyfriend from Mobile, Alabama)

And further, this missing one sixth proved by Title opinion to exist and be in the ownership of Cecil Leon Ramsey happened during the same month the majority opinion was being authored at the Supreme Court by Justice Davis, making her account of the distribution of property in error in the highest court in the state. This is what Justice Davis said:

The appellants mother owns two-sixths of the property through one-sixth heirship and a purchase of one-sixth of the property from Mr. Tommy Ross Gainer, the grandson of Ramona Bingman’s aunt, Dora Gainer. The appellant’s uncle, Roger Rafferty, owns three-sixths of the property, acquiring two-sixths by heirship and purchasing one-sixth from his cousin, Richard Woofter.

On his property near his home, Roger Rafferty owned and kept various items of farming equipment including a five-foot-tiller, a four-foot brush hog, a potato plow, a four-row-cultivator, and a boom pole.

As you can hear by evidence of the SECRET AUDIO the Farm Equipment was rusted used junk purchased in 1980 and the tape was made in September of 2004 -24 years later!

Can anyone explain how Gilmer County can get a lie like that of those in the Gilmer County Court saying old used , rusted equipment was worth new retail prices all the way past the WV Supreme Court?!

If you add up Chief Justice Davis’ account in her majority opinion you can see that she made the opinion without consideration of who paid the taxes on the one sixth that was missing and then mentioned each piece of equipment we all heard given a value of much less than what Chief Justice Davis told the court and the other justices. It was never the home of Roger Rafferty. The home was equally owned. Gerald B Hough had the title pulled to cover his lie to the circuit court and then the matter was never explained in Supreme Court. The defendant spent two years complaining to counsel about non truthful facts being brought forward to Supreme Court.

These documents are proof the complaints were true and honest. Also countless complaints were made in writing that Davis specifically mentioned facts that were never part of the circuit court record by making the majority decision based upon the false fact that the defendant removed farm equipment from property not owned by his family, which was never mentioned in the court record, and not true or mentioned in previous court appearances. Clearly the defendant never moved or ever even touched the equipment and that was a matter of record. Davis lied.

Please regard these documents as proof that a crime has been committed by Previous Gilmer County Clerk for pulling the title to the missing one sixth to hide the ownership involving the Travesty of Justice case. By pulling the title to the missing 1/6th this act covered for a lie told to a Felony Jury by the Gilmer County Prosecutor and prevented the WV Supreme Court from recognizing equal ownership in a close 3 to 2 decision.

Tell that old fuck out there that we only take CASH if he wants to pay his taxes! No checks! Now get in here! Time to party!!

~~  By Editor Edison Gilmer County Concerned Citizens ~~